Registration Renewal in Illinois

Vehicle Registration Renewal in Illinois

To renew your vehicle registration in Illinois with your renewal notice:

  • Go to the Illinois SOS website, enter your registration PIN, insurance info., and pay the $151 registration fee.
  • Call the IL SOS, provide your PIN, and pay the fee.
  • Mail in your completed registration renewal notice.
  • Visit an Illinois SOS office.

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IL Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice

Currently, the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) does NOT mail renewal notices. Instead, the SOS recommends you sign up for e-mail renewal notice reminders.

Military, U.S. Armed Forces, and DoD Personnel

If you are a member of the United States military, or a civilian working for the Department of Defense or with the U.S. Armed Forces, you have up to 45 days after your return to the country to register your vehicle. Contact your local SOS office for details.

Renew Your Registration in Illinois

If you have your registration renewal notice from the Illinois DMV, you can renew your IL vehicle registration online, by phone, by mail, and in person.

Contact the IL SOS to check the status of your registration renewal

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Online Renewal

To renew your vehicle registration online, visit the Illinois SOS website and provide:

  • Your registration ID and PIN (found on your renewal notice).
  • Your insurance agency, policy number, and expiration date.
  • Payment. (See the “Fees to Renew Your Vehicle Registration" section below.)

Remember to print out your transactions receipt. If you renew online before your previous registration expired, the receipt shows proof your registration has been renewed. This receipt is valid for 30 days after your previous registration's expiration date.

Please note, you cannot renew your vehicle registration online if:

  • Your vehicle information is incorrect.
  • You want your license plate sticker sent to an out-of-state address.
  • You want to change your license plate.
  • You are in the Circuit Breaker program.

By Phone

To renew your registration by phone, call the Illinois SOS at (866) 545-9609 and:

  • Provide your registration renewal ID code and PIN (found on your renewal notice).
  • Pay the renewal fee. (See the “Fees to Renew Your Vehicle Registration" section below.)

By Mail Renewal

To renew your vehicle registration by mail, return your signed renewal notice and payment by mail to the address listed on your renewal notice.

If you did not receive a renewal notice, you can submit the following by mail to renew your registration:

  • A letter containing:
    • Your name and address.
    • License plate number.
    • Vehicle information (make, model, year, and VIN).
    • Copy of your current registration card (if available).
  • Payment.

Mail the above to:

Illinois Secretary of State
Vehicle Services Department
501 S. 2nd St
RM 055
Springfield, IL 62756

In Person

To renew your vehicle registration in person, visit your local Illinois DMV office and:

  • Provide your renewal notice.
  • Pay the renewal fee. (See the “Fees to Renew Your Vehicle Registration" section below.)

NOTE: If you have not signed up to receive your notice through email, you must renew your registration in person.

Fees to Renew Your IL Vehicle Registration

Your registration renewal fee in Illinois will vary depending on the type of vehicle you own.

Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees

  • Passenger vehicle: $151.
  • Trucks: $151.
  • Motorcycles: $41.
  • Additional fee for online transactions.

NOTE: Additional fees apply for personalized and vanity license plates.

Replacement Registration Sticker and License Plate Fees

  • License plate sticker: $20.
  • 1 license plate: $6.
  • 2 license plates: $9.
  • 1 license plate with a sticker: $26.
  • 2 license plates with a sticker: $29.

Accepted Forms of Payment

For vehicle registration renewals completed online or by phone, the Illinois SOS accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards only.

For transactions completed by mail, you can pay your registration renewal with a check made payable to “Illinois Secretary of State."

For in person vehicle registration renewals, the Illinois DMV accepts:

  • MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit card. *
  • Check.
  • Cash.

* An additional processing fee will apply for credit card transactions.

Illinois Vehicle Emissions Testing

Before you can renew your vehicle registration, your vehicle may need to pass an emissions test.

The IL Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will mail you an inspection notice. You can have your vehicle tested up to 4 months before your vehicle registration expires.

To get your vehicle tested, visit an emissions testing station near you with your emissions inspection notice.

Your vehicle is exempt from passing an emissions test if:

  • It is older than a 2007 model year and between 8,501 and 14,000 lbs.
  • It is gas-powered and over 14,000 lbs.

When your vehicle passes, your testing station will notify the Illinois SOS electronically and you'll be able to renew your registration.

Replace Your IL Registration or License Plate

If your registration sticker or IL license plate is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can request a duplicate by mail or in person. You cannot request a duplicate online.

You'll need:

Take the above to your local Illinois DMV office, or mail it to:

Illinois Secretary of State
Vehicle Services Department
501 S. 2nd St., Rm. 055
Springfield, IL 62756

Illinois Registration Renewal: FAQs

What do I need to renew my registration in Illinois?

To renew your registration in Illinois, you'll need your registration ID and PIN to renew online or by phone; your renewal notice and a check for your payment if you're renewing by mail; or your renewal notice and payment for your renewal fee (cash/check/debit/credit card) if you're renewing in person.

Where can I renew my Illinois license plate sticker?

You can renew your Illinois license plate sticker online, by phone, by mail, or in person at your local Secretary of State office; you can also renew your registration at participating Illinois libraries, currency exchange facilities, and participating banks and credit unions.

How much is registration renewal in Illinois?

Registration renewal in Illinois costs $151 for passenger vehicles, $151 for trucks, and $41 for motorcycles. If you have personalized plates, your registration fees will be higher.

Can I renew my registration online in Illinois?

Yes, you can renew your registration online in Illinois if your renewal notice states that you are eligible.

How much are license plates in Illinois?

License plate costs in Illinois depend on your type of plate and vehicle. Standard plates are included in the cost of your registration/renewal fee. Vanity plates are an extra $94 with a $13 fee for renewal, and personalized plates are an extra $47 with a $7 fee for renewal.

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