Motorcycle Manual in Illinois

SUMMARY: Illinois Motorcycle Manual

The Illinois motorcycle manual provides the operation and safety information you need to ride a motorcycle. You can use the manual to prepare for your motorcycle license tests and to learn about other requirements.

Read below to learn more about the motorcycle manual in Illinois.

Motorcycle Licenses in Illinois

If you're considering applying for a motorcycle license, the Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual (DSD X 140) is a great place to start.

The IL motorcycle manual explains the types of motorcycle licenses offered by the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS).

You can apply for:

  • A Class L license to operate a motor-driven cycle with an engine under 150 CC.
  • A Class M license to ride any motor-driven cycle or motorcycle.

Instruction permits are also available for each license class:

  • A motor-driven cycle permit if you:
  • A motorcycle permit if you're at least 18 years old.

Once you've decided what you need, you can begin the steps required to get your Illinois motorcycle license or permit.

What's in the IL Motorcycle Manual?

The motorcycle manual is a comprehensive resource for learning about how to operate a motorcycle.

In it, you'll not only find information about driving regulations that apply to motorcycles, but also detailed explanations of safety considerations and operation instructions.

The key points of safe motorcycle operation are covered in depth within the manual. For example, the manual explains how to:

  • Keep a safe distance.
  • Navigate slippery surfaces.
  • Handle basic mechanical issues.
  • Ride with a passenger.

You'll need to know these concepts and practices to ride safely, and you'll have to demonstrate your knowledge when taking your IL SOS licensing tests.

Motorcycle License Tests

You'll need to pass two tests to get your motorcycle license in Illinois:

  • A knowledge test.
  • A written test.

NOTE: If you're at least 18 years old, you can skip the written test AND the driving test by completing an Illinois motorcycle education course.

Preparing for the Knowledge Test

You'll need to read the IL motorcycle manual to pass the written knowledge test required for your motorcycle license or permit.

You can also take an online motorcycle license practice test to ensure that you're ready for the IL SOS test.

Preparing for the Driving Test

Reading the motorcycle manual is no substitute for taking a motorcycle education course, but it is a great resource for instructions and diagrams to get you started.

When you're ready to get on the bike, you can put your knowledge into practice.

NOTE: Passing your motorcycle driving skills test is the final step in getting your motorcycle license from the IL SOS.

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Insurance & Safety Requirements

Be sure you're ready to ride a motorcycle by having everything you need to stay safe and responsible on Illinois roads.

Motorcycle Insurance

All vehicles in IL must have insurance, including motorcycles.

The state requires minimum liability insurance, which covers injury or property damage that you cause.

You can also get:

  • Collision coverage for damage to your bike.
  • Comprehensive coverage for damage resulting from theft or other circumstances.
  • Several other types of coverage.

Learn more about insuring your motorcycle by visiting our Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements page.

Safety Equipment

The IL motorcycle manual discusses basic equipment you'll need to keep yourself safe while riding your motorcycle.

You'll find information about helmets, including what to look for when choosing one and how to ensure that it doesn't limit your visibility.

The motorcycle manual also recommends:

  • A face shield to cover your eyes and face.
  • Clothing that covers your limbs.
  • Sturdy shoes that won't slip.
  • Gloves to improve your grip.

The Illinois motorcycle manual gives you the information you need to become a responsible motorcycle rider.

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