Driving Records in Illinois

To obtain your official IL driving record from the Illinois SOS, you can:

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Need some information about your driving history? The Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) will provide you with a driving record abstract, also known as a driving record.

This record essentially shows a history of your driving within the state and includes any tickets, driver's license suspensions, and other violations.

About Your Illinois Driving Record

Your IL driving record abstract shows the following kinds of driving-related and license verification information:

  • DMV points accumulated from applicable traffic infractions.
  • Traffic violations, including everything from speeding tickets to DUI convictions.
  • Driver's license suspensions, revocations, and cancelations.

Obtaining a copy of your driving record abstract helps you in a number of ways. For example, you can:

  • Make sure your record accurately reflects any DMV points.
  • Know what car insurance companies will see when they look at your record to help them determine your insurance rates.
  • Keep an eye out for identity theft.
  • Make sure all information is correct in the event of a background check.
  • Submit to an employer or court when requested.

Duration of Information

How long information stays on a driver's public driving record abstract depends on the infraction.

Moving violations such as speeding, running a red light, etc. remain on your record for 4 to 5 years. If your ticket resulted in a driver's license suspension or revocation, that information will remain on your record for at least 7 years.

If you've committed a traffic violation involving drugs or alcohol, that offense remains on your record for life.

For information specific to your situation, contact your local SOS office.

Employers, Car Insurance & Your IL Driving Record

Your driving record can be requested and viewed by a current or prospective employer and even your car insurance company.

Employers and Your Driving Record Abstract

Many employers—especially those who employ drivers—may want to check your driving history to confirm your qualifications and safe driving practices.

DMV Records and Your Car Insurance

Typically, auto insurance companies check your driving history to determine rates—and sometimes even whether or not to continue insuring you.

You might be able to lower the points on your driving record by taking a defensive driving course.

Ordering Illinois Driving Records

The IL SOS allows you to order driving record abstracts:

  • In person.
  • By mail.

In Person

To order your driving record in person:

You will receive your driver abstract immediately.

By Mail

To order your abstract by mail, complete the Driving Record Abstract Request Form (form DSD DC 164) and mail it along with the $20 fee to:

Secretary of State
Driver Analysis Section
2701 S. Dirksen Pkwy
Springfield, IL 62723

You should receive a response within 10 business days. Call (217) 782-2720 with any questions.

Ordering Another Person's Record

You can order another driver's driver abstract, with notarized permission.

Follow the same procedures outlined above under “In Person" and “By Mail," but note that if you order your IL driving record:

  • In person: You won't receive the abstract immediately; it will take up to 10 business days and you'll receive it by mail.
  • By mail: You must include the other driver's:
    • Full name.
    • Date of birth.
    • Sex.
    • IL driver license number.

Information relating to your driving history, such as traffic violations and convictions, is public record; however, you won't receive any of the driver's personal information.


Thanks to the SOS Parental Access program, parents and legal guardians can access their teenagers' driving records online.

If you are a parent or legal guardian of a teen driver, you can view your teen's IL driver abstract online by:

  • Visiting the state's Parental Access page.
  • Entering the following information:
    • Your driver license or identification card number.
    • Your teen's driver license or instruction permit number.
    • The last 4 digits of your teen's Social Security number.
    • Your teen's PIN. Find this number in the parent/guardian letter the SOS mailed you when your teen obtained his or her instruction permit.

You can view the abstract online immediately. Your teen's driving record is available for free and until he or she turns 18 years old.

For more information, visit the IL SOS Parental Access FAQ.

Fixing Errors on Your IL Driving Record

You might find errors on your Illinois driving record abstract.

For example, your driving record might reflect:

  • Points that have already expired.
  • Inaccurate information about car accidents or traffic infractions.
  • Outdated information about your current driver license status.
    • Ex: Showing your license as suspended or revoked when it is actually valid.

Correct any wrong information on your Illinois driving record as soon as possible to avoid any negative consequences it might have on your job prospects, car insurance, and even background checks.

Contact the Driver Records Unit at (217) 782-2720, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. for more details.


DSD DC 164
Driving Record Abstract Request
Use this form to request your own driving record OR that of someone else for purposes allowed by law
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