Paperwork When Selling a Car in Illinois

Paperwork Required to Sell a Car in Illinois

Selling a car isn't as self-explanatory as it seems, especially when you consider the fact that every state has slightly different laws and requirements. We've detailed the basic process for selling your car in Illinois below.

Selling a Vehicle in Illinois

When you sell your car in Illinois, you are obligated to take the following actions:

  • Remove the vehicle's license plates.
  • Supply the buyer with a valid, signed, and dated title certificate at the time of sale.
    • Both you and the buyer will need to complete the title assignment section.
  • Complete the Notice of Sale form attached to the bottom of the title and mail that in to the IL Secretary of State (SOS).
  • Exchange contact information with the buyer.
  • Prepare a bill of sale for the buyer and keep a copy for yourself.
  • Send a completed Seller's Report of Sale (Form VSD 703) to the IL SOS Vehicle Services Department.
    • This form removes your liability from the sold vehicle.

For information that goes beyond the basics—including tips on ensuring a safe, profitable exchange, review our Guide to Selling Your Car before going forward.

Duplicate Illinois Title

If your car's certificate of title has been lost, stolen, or damaged, you can apply for a duplicate title in Illinois. You must complete the Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (Form VSD 190), making sure to check the box for “Duplicate Title" at the top of the form. Include the exact vehicle identification number (VIN), current odometer reading, and your signature to avoid immediate rejection of your application.

Applications can be submitted in person at an Illinois Secretary of State facility, or via mail to:

Secretary of State
Vehicle Records Processing Division
501 S. 2nd St., Rm 424
Springfield, IL 62756

All applications must include payment for the $50 application fee.

For more information, visit our Replacing a Lost Title in Illinois page.

Duplicate Registration in Illinois

You should have your registration accessible when selling a car. So in the event that this document has been lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can apply for a duplicate vehicle registration either:

  • Online.
  • By phone.
  • By mail.
  • In person.

For more information, visit our Replacing a Lost Registration in Illinois page.

IL Vehicle History Reports

How well do you know your car? It could be less than you think. Although you'll want to highlight the car's best attributes when advertising to potential buyers, you also want to make sure you're being as honest and accurate as possible. That's where vehicle history reports come in.

Using these convenient analytical tools, you can get a quick breakdown of your vehicle, including vital information such as:

  • Odometer reading.
  • Structural damage.
  • Theft history.
  • Services and repairs.
  • Recall information.

Check out our Vehicle History Reports page for more information.

Transferring License Plates after a Sale

To transfer your license plates after you sell your car in Illinois, you will need to submit an Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (Form VSD 190) to the IL SOS in person. You can also pick up a form at the Illinois SOS office or request one to be sent to you by calling (800) 252-8980.

In addition to completing the application form, you will also need to pay the transfer fee of $25. If you are transferring your license plates and titling the car at the same time, there is an additional $165 fee.

Forms for Easy Download

Seller's Report of Sale (Form VSD 703)

Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (Form VSD 190)

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