Dealer Forms in Illinois

The Illinois Secretary of State's Dealer and Remitters Forms page offers dozens of forms used by dealers, including these:

The Dealer and Remitters Forms page also provides forms used in the dealer application and licensing process, such as:

Published as new legislation and laws require, the Dealers and Remitters Bulletin is required reading for any dealer who wants to stay in compliance. Generally, it's issued annually, but some years there will be several put out as laws and procedures change.

Past issues are also available at the link above. Recent bulletins covered revised fees, a new free expedited processing service for dealers for several common title problems, and warnings of potential abuses of "vehicle exchange" promotions offered by some dealers.

The Illinois Automobile Dealers Association includes forms and instructions from the Illinois Department of Revenue (DOR) for the collection of sales tax paid on motor vehicles. It also includes the Vehicle Use Tax Chart.

You may download vehicle-related tax documents from the Illinois DOR.

These forms are all in the Adobe PDF file format. You will need the free Adobe Reader software to download and print them. Most computers have this program already installed, but if you need it, or need the most up-to-date version, you may download it free.


VSD 193
7 Day Vehicle Permit Application
Apply for a temporary registration permit if you reside in IL AND need to operate a vehicle not currently registered in the state of Illinois.
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