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Motor vehicles are ubiquitous in modern life, so Illinois' lawmaking bodies are continually creating laws that affect the operation of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. In this state, these laws are part of the Compiled Statutes and are known collectively as the Illinois Vehicle Code.

The Illinois Vehicle Code covers all aspects of motor vehicle sales, safety, operation, titling, registration, and education for drivers. Most of the code is not crucial for the average person to know, but in some cases (such as when you're defending yourself in court against a traffic ticket), having with you the exact wording of the appropriate statute can help.

While the material below is directly linked to the official State of Illinois General Assembly website, statutes can and do change as a result of recent legislation or changes in the way a law is interpreted or applied. You may want to verify whether there has been any change to the text of the law during the most recent legislative session by viewing the amended bills.

Chapter 13 of the code, which deals with emissions inspections, seems to be frequently modified, so check carefully if your question has to do with smog inspections in your county.

Below are the chapters and sections of most interest to the average driver, vehicle owner, or car dealer.

The Vehicle Code Chapters

Chapter 1: Title and Definitions

Chapter 2: The Secretary of State

Chapter 3: Certificates of Title and Registration of Vehicles

  • Article I: Certificates of Title
  • Article II: Security Interests
  • Article III: Certificate of Title for Rebuilt Vehicles
  • Article IV: Original and Renewal of Registration
  • Article V: Transfer of Registration
  • Article VI: Special Plates and Special License Plate Stickers
  • Article VII: Offenses against Registration and Certificate of Title Laws or Revocation of Registration or Certificate of Title
  • Article VIII: Registration and License Fees
  • Article IX: Remittance Agents
  • Article X: Vehicle Use Tax
  • Article XI: Replacement Vehicle Tax

Chapter 4: Anti-Theft Laws and Abandoned Vehicles

  • Article I: Anti-Theft Laws
  • Article II: Abandoned, Lost, Stolen, or Unclaimed Vehicles
  • Article III: Vehicle Recycling Board

Chapter 5: Dealers, Transporters, Wreckers, and Rebuilders

  • Article I: Dealers
  • Article II: Transporters
  • Article III: Used Part Dealers, Scrap Processors, Automotive Parts Recyclers, and Rebuilders
  • Article IV: Records Required to Be Kept
  • Article V: Licenses, Injunctions
  • Article VI: Credit or Conditional Sales, Insurance
  • Article VII: Vehicle Auctioneers
  • Article VIII: Penalties

Chapter 6: The Illinois Driver Licensing Law

  • Article I: Issuance of Licenses; Expiration and Renewal
  • Article II: Cancellation, Suspension, or Revocation of Licenses and Permits
  • Article III: Violation of License Provisions
  • Article IV: Commercial Driver Training Schools
  • Article V: Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators
  • Article VI: Penalties
  • Article VII: Driver License Compact
  • Article VIII: Nonresident Violator Compact
  • Article IX: Driver's License Medical Review Law of 1992

Chapter 7: Illinois Safety and Family Financial Responsibility Law

  • Article I: Administration
  • Article II: Security Following Accident
  • Article III: Proof of Financial Responsibility for the Future
  • Article IV: Violations of Provisions of Financial Responsibility Act
  • Article V: Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Financial Responsibility
  • Article VI: Mandatory Insurance
  • Article VII: Family Financial Responsibility Law

Chapter 11: Rules of the Road

  • Article I: Special Definitions
  • Article II: Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws
  • Article III: Traffic Signs, Signals, and Markings
  • Article IV: Accidents
  • Article V: Driving While Intoxicated, Transporting Alcoholic Liquor, and Reckless Driving
  • Article VI: Speed Restrictions
  • Article VII: Driving on Right Side of Roadway; Overtaking and Passing, Etc.
  • Article VIII: Turning and Starting, and Signals on Stopping and Turning
  • Article IX: Right-of-Way
  • Article X: Pedestrians' Rights and Duties
  • Article XI: Street Cars and Safety Zones
  • Article XII: Special Stops Required
  • Article XIII: Stopping, Standing, and Parking
  • Article XIV: Miscellaneous Laws
  • Article XV: Bicycles

Chapter 12: Equipment of Vehicles

  • Article I: General Provisions
  • Article II: Lights and Lamps
  • Article III: Brakes
  • Article IV: Tires
  • Article V: Glass, Windshields, and Mirrors
  • Article VI: Miscellaneous Requirements
  • Article VII: Special Requirements for Vehicles of the Second Division
  • Article VIII: Special Requirements for School Buses
  • Article IX: Special Requirements for Religious Organization Buses

Chapter 13: Inspection of Vehicles

Chapter 13C: Emission Inspection

Chapter 15: Size, Weight, Load, and Permits

  • Article I: Size, Weight, and Load
  • Article II: Vehicles Exceeding Weight Limits
  • Article III: Permits

Chapter 16: Enforcement, Penalties, and Disposition of Fines and Forfeitures, and Criminal Cases

  • Article I: Enforcement, Penalties, and Disposition of Fines and Forfeitures
  • Article II: Parties in Criminal Cases

Chapter 17: Illinois Highway Safety Law

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