Title Transfers in Idaho

How to Complete a Vehicle Title Transfer in Idaho
  • Seller & buyer sign the title.
  • Bring title to the DMV.
  • Pay the $14 title transfer fee and registration fees.
  • Continue reading for more details.

New to Idaho?

If you are a new resident of Idaho, you must register and title your out-of-state vehicle with the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 90 days.

NOTE: If you purchased your vehicle recently before moving to Idaho you may need to pay use tax.

To apply for an out-of-state auto title transfer and vehicle registration, visit your local Idaho DMV office with:

  • Your out-of-state title certificate and registration.
    • The title must be in your name. For information about DMV title transfers into your name, read below.
  • A completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form ITD 3337).
  • Proof of your identification, such as your ID driver's license.
  • Payment for the $14 title transfer fee, use tax (if applicable), and registration fees.

NOTE: You will need to carry minimum liability insurance in order to register your vehicle. Visit our Car Registration in Idaho page for more information.

Buying or Selling a Vehicle in ID

The car title transfer process in Idaho will differ depending on if you're the buyer or the seller of the vehicle.


Buying from a Car Dealership

If you purchase a vehicle from a dealer in Idaho, that dealer will prepare an application for title on your behalf and file it with the Idaho DMV. The dealer will also collect sales tax when the sale closes.

If you buy a car from an out-of-state dealer, follow the instructions below for “Buying from a Private Seller."

Buying from a Private Seller

If you purchase your vehicle from an out-of-state dealer or from a private party, and there is a lien on the vehicle, the seller may file the application for title.

If there is no lien on the vehicle, you (as the buyer) must apply for the auto title transfer in person or by mail.

NOTE: The DMV title transfer must take place within 30 days of receiving the vehicle to avoid a $20 late fee.

To complete the car title transfer and vehicle registration, you will need:

  • The title certificate.
    • Must be completed by the seller and lienholder (if applicable).
    • Odometer disclosure must be completed if the vehicle is model year 2011 and under and weighs less than 16,000 lbs. (gross vehicle weight).
  • A completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form ITD ITD 3337).
  • A completed Bill of Sale.
    • Not required if the seller has entered the sales price on the title in the designated space.
  • A completed Vehicle or Hull Identification Number Inspection Certification (Form ITD 3403).
  • Payment for the required fees:
    • Title transfer fee: $14.
    • Sales tax: 6% of purchase price (if not already paid).
      • If sales tax has already been paid to the state, you must show proof of the payment.
    • Vehicle registration fee.
  • A Power of Attorney (Form ITD 3368), if applying for an auto title transfer by mail.

Submit the above documents and payment to your Idaho county assessor's motor vehicle office in person or by mail

NOTE: Contact the Idaho DMV before mailing in your car title transfer application to make sure you're eligible.


When selling a vehicle in Idaho there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Unless you have a dealer license, it is illegal to buy and resell a vehicle without first titling it in your name.
  • Listing the wrong selling price on the title or Bill of Sale is a felony.

Once you've sold the vehicle to a buyer, you'll need to:

  • Complete the certificate of title and give it to the buyer.
  • Submit a release of liability within 5 days of the vehicle title transfer.
    • Contact the Idaho DMV for more information.
  • Provide the buyer with a Bill of Sale, if the sales price is not included on the title. It must have the:
    • Full vehicle description.
    • Selling price.
    • Buyer's full name.
    • Your signature.
    • Date.
  • Keep your license plates. These remain with you and not the vehicle.

Gifted or Inherited Vehicles

Gifted and inherited vehicles are not subject to tax in Idaho. That means if someone gives you a car or leaves it to you as part of an inheritance, you won't be taxed on it because you didn't buy it.

You will need to complete a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate – Transfer Affidavit (Form ST-133).

For complete instructions on completing a DMV title transfer for a gifted vehicle, contact the Idaho DMV directly.

NOTE: If you're interested in donating your vehicle to a non-profit or charitable organization, visit our Car Donation page for information.

Inheriting a Vehicle

If you've inherited a vehicle, you will need to take the following items to the ID DMV office to complete a car title transfer:

You may also need to provide a death certificate of the deceased.

Contact the Idaho DMV for more information.

Remove a Lien from an Idaho Title

Once a lien has been satisfied, the lienholder or an authorized representative must notify the Idaho DMV within 30 days to complete the car title transfer. The lienholder must send the following to the Idaho DMV:

  • Title certificate with the lien release recorded.
  • A completed Power of Attorney (Form ITD 3368) (or other statement) and a photocopy of the vehicle title.
  • A list of the vehicle titles whose liens have been satisfied AND a letter of explanation.

Once your lien is satisfied and the Idaho DMV has record of it, you can either:

  • Keep the title certificate given to you by the lienholder.
  • Apply for a DMV title transfer into your name (without the lienholder's name).

Military Member Car Title Transfers

If you're an active-duty member of the military, you may be exempt from some vehicle title transfer requirements in Idaho.

Contact the ID DMV for information.

For driver's license and vehicle registration exemptions, visit our Military Drivers in Idaho page.

Change ID Vehicle Title Information

Change, Add, or Delete Names

If you've recently changed your name—due to events such as marriage or divorce—or have a change in ownership of your vehicle, you'll need to update your vehicle title.

You may need to follow a similar process to the auto title transfer process detailed above and pay the appropriate title transfer fee. Contact the Idaho DMV for complete instructions.

Correct the Title

If there is incorrect information on your title—such as a misspelling of your name, or inaccurate vehicle description—you must inform the Idaho DMV and obtain a corrected title.

You will need to submit the following to the Idaho DMV:

  • A signed letter explaining the reason for the change.
  • The certificate of title.
  • Payment for the $14 title correction fee.

Replace a Lost Idaho Title

If you've lost your vehicle title certificate, you'll need to apply for a duplicate from the Idaho DMV.

Complete instructions, including application forms and fees, can be found on our Replacing a Lost Title in ID page.


ITD 3414
Affidavit of Inheritance
Submit to the Idaho DMV if you need to transfer ownership of a deceased person's car into your name.
ITD 3337
Application for Certificate of Title
Application for an Idaho vehicle title.
ITD 3368
Limited Power of Attorney For Specific Motor Vehicle/Vessel
Use this form to give someone else power of attorney when dealing with title and registration procedures concerning your vehicle or vessel.
Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Transfer Affidavit
Claim exemption from paying Idaho sales tax on a vehicle you're registering if you received the vehicle as a gift.
ITD 3403
Vehicle or Hull Identification Number Inspection Certificate
Submit this form to the ID Division of Motor Vehicles if your vehicle required a VIN inspection for titling and registration purposes. Must be completed by law enforcement or a Transportation Department employee.
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