Special License Plates in Idaho

SUMMARY: Special Idaho License Plates

In Idaho, special license plates are available in several themes and varieties. You can order special interest and organization plates as well as personalized plates. Special plate application processes differ, so be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Keep reading for more information about special license plates in Idaho.

NOTE: Applying for disabled parking plates? Visit our Disability Placards & Plates page for eligibility requirements and application instructions.

Types of Idaho Special Plates

The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers special license plates for:

  • Special interests, including charities.
  • Organizations, including colleges.
  • Military veterans.
  • Historic and custom vehicles.

Special Interest License Plates

You can show your support for a particular hobby, cause, or charity with an Idaho special interest plate.

For example, special interest plates are available for:

  • Agriculture.
  • Idaho Mountain Biking.
  • The Potato.
  • Support Our Troops.
  • White Water Rafting.
  • Youth.

A complete list of plates is available on the ID DMV website.

See below for information about applications and fees.

Organization & College Plates

Special license plates are also available for various organizations, including plates for:

  • Idaho colleges and universities (contact your County Assessor's office for available schools).
  • Freemasons.
  • The Idaho Aviation Foundation.

You'll find a list of all plates on the Idaho DMV website.

Application and fee details are below.

Military License Plates

Military license plates are issued by the ID DMV to qualifying current or former service members.

Plates represent various branches, conflicts, and honors, including plates for:

  • Veterans.
  • Former prisoners of war.
  • Military Reservists.
  • National Guard members.
  • Purple Heart recipients.

All military plates are listed on the Idaho DMV website.

To be eligible for a military plate, your service record must reflect the distinction on the license plate. Proof of eligibility includes your:

  • Discharge papers.
  • Military ID.

Acceptable proof for all military plates is listed on the application. See application details below for more information.

Classic & Custom ID Vehicle Plates

In Idaho, the following class and custom vehicle plates are available:

  • Classic Car and Classic Motorcycle plates, for vehicles:
    • At least 30 years old.
    • In original condition OR restored to original condition.
    • NOT used for general transportation or business.
  • Old Timer plates, for vehicles:
    • Made before 1943.
    • In or restored to original specifications.
    • NOT used for routine business or personal transportation.
  • Street Rod plates, for vehicles:
    • Made in or before 1948.
    • Made to look like a vehicle from 1948 or earlier.
  • Year of Manufacture plates, which are plates issued in the same year as your vehicle's model year.
    • See the application for guidelines and requirements.

Learn how to apply for a classic or custom license plate below.

Apply for Special License Plates

Different types of special license plates have different application procedures.

NOTE: Fees for ID special license plates vary. See the appropriate license plate application form or contact your local Idaho County Assessor's office for information about fees.

Special Interest & Organizational Plate Applications

You can apply for MOST special interest and organizational license plates, including collegiate plates, when you register your car at your local Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles office.

If you're ordering a personalized special interest or organizational plate, see below.

Military & Classic Vehicle Plate Applications

To apply for special plates that have eligibility requirements, such as most military and classic vehicle plates, take the following steps.

  • Complete your desired plate's application form:
  • Provide of your eligibility (if applicable).
  • Send your completed application and any other required documents:
    • By mail to the address on the application.
    • By fax to the fax number on the application.

You DO NOT need to provide payment with your application, as your application must be approved first. You can either:

  • Opt to be billed after your application has been approved.
  • Submit your credit card information with your application to be charged upon approval.

NOTE: To order personalized special eligibility plates, check the application form for personalization options.

Personalized License Plates in ID

Many Idaho license plates can be personalized, including:

  • The standard ID license plate.
  • Most special interest and organization tags.
  • Some military and classic vehicle plates.

Your custom tag can have 4 to 7 characters. Specific details can be found on the application form below.

NOTE: ID personalized plates CANNOT have:

  • Obscene or profane language.
  • Hostile or prejudiced content.

Apply for Personalized Plates

You can order standard and some special personalized plates online, by mail, or by fax.


To order your personalized plates online, visit the Idaho DMV website. Be prepared to provide your:

License plates with eligibility requirements CANNOT be ordered online. However, you can use the online ordering system to check the availability of your desired custom tag number.

By Fax or Mail

To apply for a personalized plate by fax or mail, submit a completed Personalized License Plates application (Form ITD 3425):

  • By mail to the address listed on the form.
  • By fax to the number on the form.

Fees for Personalized Plates

Fees for personalized plates are charged IN ADDITION to regular Idaho registration fees and are applied as follows:

  • Personalized plates (initial application): $25.
    • An additional plate fee may apply for specialty plates with eligibility requirements (e.g., military or custom vehicle license plates).
  • Personalized plates (renewal): $15 annually.

Renew Special & Personalized Tags

You'll renew your ID custom plates when you renew your vehicle registration.

NOTE: Special plate renewal fees may apply in addition to standard registration renewal fees. For example, personalized plates have a $15 renewal fee.

See your application form or check with your local Idaho County Assessor's office for fee information.

For more information about standard renewals, see our Registration Renewal in Idaho page.


ITD 3682
Military License Plate Application
Apply for military license plates with the Idaho DMV. Option to personalize your license plates.
ITD 3425
Personalized License Plates
Apply for personalized AND/OR special Idaho license plates.
ITD 3675
Special Plates For Special Vehicles
Order speciality license plates from the Idaho DMV.
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