Replacing a Lost Registration in Idaho

Duplicate Vehicle Registration and License Plate Stickers in Idaho

Whenever your vehicle registration card or license plate stickers are lost, stolen, or damaged, you should try to request a duplicate through the Idaho Transportation Department as soon as you are able.

If you violate an Idaho traffic law and are pulled over, the law enforcement officer will likely ask for your current vehicle registration certificate. If you are unable to present the registration card or the card is damaged so badly that it cannot be read, you will likely receive an additional citation and fines on top of the ticket you may receive for the original traffic violation.

If you drive around without your current registration sticker on your license plate, the chances are fairly high that you will get pulled over and receive a citation.

The headache of fines, tickets, and penalties can be avoided by simply requesting a replacement vehicle registration certificate or license plate sticker with the Idaho Transportation Department.

On this page you will find the general steps for requesting replacement registration documents in Idaho.

If you have questions pertaining to your specific situations or the information on your vehicle registration card, please contact the Idaho Transportation Department.

Replacement Registration Card in Idaho

If you've lost your registration card, you may need to make a trip to the county assessor's office to request a replacement. Some local county assessor offices may allow you to send a written request to obtain a replacement registration card.

To request a replacement, you'll typically need to provide the Idaho DMV with:

  • Your license plate number.
  • Your Idaho driver's license.
  • Your name and address as they appear on your vehicle registration.
  • The vehicle information and vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Payment duplicate registration card fees.

NOTE: The duplicate fees and specific replacement request steps may vary from county to county. Contact your local Idaho DMV for specific details.

Replacement License Plate Stickers

If your license plate registration stickers have been lost, stolen, or damaged beyond the point of recognition, you should request a replacement immediately. You'll generally need to visit your Idaho county assessor's office for replacement stickers. Some offices may allow you to submit a replacement request by mail.

You'll typically need to:

  • Bring your ID driver's license.
  • Know your license plate number.
  • Provide your name and Idaho address as they appear on your vehicle registration.
  • Provide your vehicle description and vehicle identification number (VIN), if necessary.
  • Pay the replacement license plate sticker fee.

NOTE: Like the replacement process for registration cards above, the replacement process and fees for duplicate license plate stickers may vary from county to county. Please contact your local Idaho Transportation Department office for specific details on the replacement process.

Lost Idaho Registration Renewal Postcard

If your vehicle registration is about to expire and you've never received a notification in the mail, you may be able to request a replacement.

Contact your local county Idaho Transportation Department office if you lost your vehicle registration postcard or never got it.

If you have any questions, call the Idaho Transportation Department at (208) 584-4343.

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