Replacing a Lost License in Idaho

Replacing a Lost Idaho Driver's License

Most of us know that the hassle of losing your wallet or purse along with your credit cards and identification is nothing short of a major annoyance. Thankfully, the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles makes replacing your ID card or Idaho driver's license relatively easy. Even if you are out of state temporarily, you can get a replacement driver's license or ID as long as your lost or stolen one has not expired.

Read below for more information about replacing your Idaho driver's license. If you just need to update your driver's license, see our pages, Changing Your Address in Idaho or Changing Your Name in Idaho.

NOTE: If you need to apply for a duplicate Idaho CDL, please read our page about Replacing a Lost CDL.

Upgrading to a REAL ID

If you wish to replace your license with a REAL ID-compliant license, follow the steps for a first-time license application.

Apply for a Duplicate License in Idaho

If you are an Idaho resident and currently in the state, you must appear in person at your county driver's license office to obtain a duplicate Idaho driver's license. The Transportation Department should have your photo on file, but you will still need to bring identification documents to verify your identity.

You'll need to bring:

Be sure to cut up your lost ID card or license should you happen to find it once you have already replaced it. Or you can simply turn it in to the county office from which you applied for a replacement driver's license.

License Replacement While Out of State

If you are an Idaho resident who is either traveling OR living temporarily out of state, AND not eligible for residency in another jurisdiction, you might have the option to apply for a replacement by mail, as long as your current driver's license or ID card is not expired. You'll need to:

Return the form using the contact information provided on the application; these include:

  • Mail.
  • Fax.
  • E-mail.

You will be able to chose how soon you receive a hard copy of your driver's license by checking a delivery method on the form. You will be charged for expedited shipping.

NOTE: If any other state has revoked your driving privileges, the Idaho DMV will not replace your Idaho driver's license.

Reporting a Missing Idaho Driver's License

You will not be required to report your lost or stolen driver's license to the Idaho DMV or the police. However, if you believe your driver's license has been stolen and that someone might be using it to commit identity theft or fraud, consider notifying the authorities and filing a police report to protect your identity.

Your Idaho driver's license has many security features that make it difficult for anyone else to modify and use. Features include:

  • A coating that contains UV ink.
  • A ghost image of your ID photo.
  • Micro-printed details on the front and back of the driver's license.

However, it's widely encouraged to file a police report. Being proactive could be the difference between protecting yourself and suffering the terrible effects of identity theft.


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