Replacing a Lost CDL in Idaho

Apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license with the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a branch of the state's Transportation Department. Generally, it's easiest to apply in person; however, depending on your circumstances you MIGHT be able to apply by mail, fax, or email you're out of state.

Do not drive any commercial vehicle or truck until you receive your replacement CDL, and consider reporting your lost CDL to local and state authorities for identity protection purposes.

Order a Replacement CDL in ID

In-State Drivers

If you're currently in state, apply for your replacement commercial driver's license in person with the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

When you visit your local DMV office, be prepared to:

  • Complete the Idaho's application for a duplicate CDL.
  • Provide any required proofs of identity, residence, and CDL-specific documents.
  • Pay the $20 fee for a duplicate CDL.

Because you're replacing a CDL and not a regular driver's license, the DMV might require additional steps. Avoid extra trips—and wasted time—by contacting a DMV representative before heading out.

Out-of-State Drivers

The ID DMV does issue replacement driver licenses via mail IF you're currently out of town. This option MIGHT be available to you as a commercial driver, depending on your situation.

Contact your local DMV office and ask if this is an option for you.

ID Duplicate CDL Documents

Depending on your CDL-specific situation, you MIGHT need to provide the following paperwork for your duplicate CDL:

  • Proofs of identity, age, and Idaho residency.
    • Unless the DMV already has it on file, you'll also need to provide proof of U.S. citizenship or legal presence.
  • Your medical certificate.
    • Related to medical certificates, the ID DMV might require proof of applicable self-certifications including Non-Excepted Interstate, Excepted Interstate, Non-Excepted Intrastate, and Excepted Intrastate. Learn more about self-certification.
  • Proof of any CDL endorsement(s).

Contact your local DMV office for required documents related to your CDL-specific situation.

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