DMV Practice Tests in Idaho

DMV Practice Tests in Idaho

Prior to applying for your driver's license or learner's permit in Idaho, you'll need to prepare to take the written exam. Online DMV practice tests provide a series of questions related to learner's permits, driver's licenses, motorcycle licenses, commercial driver's licenses (CDL), and more.

Continue reading to learn about online DMV practice tests in Idaho.

Benefits of Idaho DMV Practice Tests

The written test offered by the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is fairly challenging. Once you've had a chance to read the Driver Handbook, an online DMV practice test will help prepare you. Practice tests also:

  • Test your understanding of the traffic laws in Idaho.
  • Provide a sneak preview of what the actual written DMV exam looks like.
  • Help you determine if you're ready for the written exam.

Take an Online Idaho DMV Practice Test

Since the ID DMV offers various types of driver's licenses, you'll need to choose the online DMV practice test specific to the type of written test you'll be taking.

Driver's License and Permit Practice Tests

Learner's Permit: As soon you've taken driver's education and turned 15 years old, you can attempt to pass the written exam for your Idaho learner's permit. Before you apply, you may want to take an online DMV learner's permit practice test.

Driver's License: This practice test is appropriate for you if you're new to Idaho, an unlicensed adult older than 18 years old, or trying to reinstate your driver's license.

Road Signs: To pass the Idaho written exam, you'll need to know what every road sign and signal means. Take the road signs practice test to find out if you're ready.

Spanish (Examen De Practica Para La Licencia): If you're a native Spanish speaker, this practice test will be ideal for you. The Idaho DMV also has a Spanish Driver Handbook available for you to study.

Motorcycle Online Practice Tests

Once you've taken the time to read the Motorcycle Handbook in preparation for the motorcycle written exam, you may also want to test your knowledge by taking the motorcycle online DMV practice test.

Included are questions about Idaho road rules and safety laws specific to motorcycle riders.

CDL and Endorsement Practice Tests

If you're going to apply for a commercial driver's license (CDL) in Idaho, you'll need to take the CDL written exam(s) for the type of CDL and endorsements you need. There are two different types of CDL practice tests you can take:

  • Commercial driver's license (CDL) practice test:
    • General CDL questions.
  • CDL endorsements practice test:
    • Questions will be specific to the type of CDL endorsement you choose.

Other Idaho Study Resources

Idaho Driver Prep Course: Based on all the most relevant information from the ID Driver Handbook, you can take this online video refresher course to get yourself ready to pass the written exam and drive safely on Idaho roads.

Study Guide: If you need more study material, you can order downloadable study guide that contains 50 questions and answers, and a road signs study guide.

Sample Idaho DMV Written Test Questions

The Idaho DMV practice test contains a variety of questions you'll see on the actual written exam. Here are a few sample questions:

1. If you're driving a motor vehicle, you must yield to pedestrians:

a) Only when you're not in a rush.
b) Only if the pedestrian is a child, senior citizen, or blind.
c) When the pedestrian is in a crosswalk at an intersection.
d) While driving at night.

(Answer: c)

2. To avoid skidding or hydroplaning, you'll need to:

a) Maintain proper air pressure in your tires.
b) Reduce your speed when roads are wet or icy.
c) Keep an eye out for standing water or puddles.
d) All of the above

(Answer: d)

Take the ID DMV Written Exam

NOTE: If your Idaho driver's license has been expired for 25 months or more, you will need to pass the ID written test on road signs, signals, pavement markings, and traffic laws.

Once you've studied all the material and taken a couple DMV practice tests, you can make an appointment to visit your local Idaho DMV office and take the written exam.

In Idaho, the written test consists of 40 questions. To pass, you're only allowed to answer 6 questions incorrectly.

If you fail the written test, you have to wait at least 3 days to retake it. You will need to pay the testing fees again.

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