DMV Point System in Idaho

Freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. And for the freedom of driving, you'll be held responsible for any mistakes you make on the road.

In Idaho, that accountability comes as points on your driving record—which could have detrimental effects if you collect too many.

Idaho Point System Basics

Golf isn't the only situation where having less points is more desirable. The same is true of your driving record.

Each time you plead guilty to or are convicted of a moving violation in Idaho, you'll receive a corresponding number of points on your record.

The number of points you'll receive depends on the severity of the violation you commit, but one thing that doesn't change is the penalties you can face for earning too many in Idaho.

The Idaho Transportation Department (IDT) will send you a warning letter about your bad driving behavior if you earn:

  • 8 to 11 points within 12 months.
  • 14 to 17 points within 24 months.
  • 20 to 23 points within 36 months.

You could also have your ID license suspended for acquiring the following number of points:

  • 12 to 17 points within 12 months: License suspended for 30 days.
  • 18 to 23 points within 24 months: License suspended for 90 days.
  • 24 points or more within 36 months: License suspended for 6 months.

Points will remain on your record for 3 years after the conviction date.

And aside from taking away your ability to drive, the they could hurt you in other ways, like having a negative impact on your auto insurance rate.

Keep reading to see how many points you may be on the hook for when committing some common violations.

NOTE: Commercial vehicle drivers may face additional penalties for points on their MD license.

Higher Point Total, Higher Rate?

How high is your car insurance rate? Whatever the answer, you could see it go up even more if you get too many points on your Idaho driving record.

Find out more about how tickets alter your auto insurance, and what you can do about it.

ID Point System Schedule

Idaho determines the amount of points each moving violation is worth by how serious the infraction is, ranging from 1 point for minor incidents to 4 points for more extreme instances.

Below are some of the most common traffic tickets in ME and their corresponding points.

  • Driving on divided highways: 1 point.
  • Driving somewhere marked as “Restricted Access": 1 point.
  • Driving through a prohibited safety zone: 2 points.
  • Failing to obey traffic direction: 2 points.
  • Not stopping at a stop sign: 3 points.
  • Not yielding at a signed intersection: 3 points.
  • Following too closely: 3 points.
  • Passing a school bus: 4 points.
  • Failing to follow stopping requirements at a railroad crossing: 4 points.

If you don't see the citation you received above, you can check out the entire point schedule the state has listed online.

On the (Driving) Record

Knowledge is power! Make sure to arm yourself with some. When you order your Idaho driving record, you'll know exactly how many points you have.

Reducing Ticket Points

Nothing in life is permanent—not even the points on your Idaho driving record.

The state will drop the points from your record 3 years after the date of the conviction.

If you want to be more proactive about shedding old points, however, you can take an ID Defensive Driving Class (DDC) or Traffic Safety Course (TSC).

Successfully completing one will erase 3 points from your record. However, you may only take the course once every 3 years.

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