Scooters, Mopeds, Etc... in Idaho

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As long as your motorized bike is indeed a moped, you don't need a motorcycle license or endorsement. You only need a valid driver's license.

What Makes a Moped?

Your motorbike is a moped if it:

  • Has pedal propulsion and is electric.
  • Its top speed is 30 MPH.
  • Has 2 or 3 wheels.
  • Has no more than a 50 cc engine.
  • Has a direct or automatic power drive system (no need for clutching or shifting).

The Idaho Transportation Department provides information on page 5 of the motorcycle manual to help you determine whether your motorbike is a motorcycle or moped.

Registering and Titling Mopeds

Register and title your moped at the County Assessor's Office. You'll follow motorcycle registration and titling procedures.

If you never plan to operate your moped on a city street, the County Assessor will give you "off-highway" stickers. Most people won't use this option.


If your bike exceeds the classifications above, you'll need to get a motorcycle endorsement.

Register your scooter at your local County Assessor's Office following motorcycle registration and titling procedures.

If for some reason, you will never use your scooter on city streets or highways, you may ask for "off-road" stickers, and drive it only in designated off-road areas. Generally, this option is best suited for those with dirt bikes, but it is available.

Off-Highway Vehicles

A restricted use license plate is available for all off-highway vehicles (OHV). The plate, along with an OHV registration sticker, allows all OHVs to operate on Forest Service roads, unless otherwise posted. BBB Business Review