Other Vehicle Registrations in Idaho

Summary: How to Register Your Special Vehicle

Certain vehicle types, such as RVs, trailers, and ATVs, have different registration fees and requirements than your regular car or truck. You will need to visit your Idaho DMV office with your proof of identity, insurance, title, and payment. Sometimes you will also be asked to present additional paperwork, such as with custom-built cars.

The registration process and cost of registration differs for other vehicle types, depending on the vehicle you wish to register.

Continue reading this page to learn how to properly register your special vehicle.

All-Terrain Vehicles


To drive your all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on the highway or public roads in Idaho, you must register it with the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and purchase a license plate. The process is similar to registering a standard car. For more information, visit our Register Car in Idaho page.

If you're going to drive your ATV on private land or official off-road areas, get an off-road sticker from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation IDPR or through your local county assessor's office.

If you're an Idaho farmer and only operate your ATV on your own property, you are not required to register it, but the ID DMV encourages that you do so regardless.

NOTE: A "restricted use" license plate is now required for all off-highway vehicles (OHVs) in Idaho. The license plate, along with an OHV registration sticker, allows you to operate your OHV on forest service roads, unless otherwise posted. The license plate and registration sticker can ONLY be obtained from your local Idaho DMV office.


You must title an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in Idaho; this protects you if it's stolen. Title your ATV at your local ID DMV office. If you purchased your ATV from a dealer, they may take care of the registration and titling for you.

Fees to Register and Title an ATV

A yearly off-road sticker from the IDPR costs $12; the county assessor also sells these. Certain IDPR areas require you to have a license plate and a sticker; check with the IDPR for these locations.

Whether you drive your ATV off-road or not, the title fee is $14, plus sales tax (6% of the price you paid for the vehicle).

Snowmobiles and OHVs in Idaho

When you're ready to register and title your snowmobile or off-highway vehicle )OHV), you will need to apply for a title and pay the $14 fee plus 6% of the price you paid. You will also need to purchase an annual snowmobile or OHV certificate number:

  • Resident: $45.50.
  • Non-resident: $59.50.

Custom-Built Vehicles

If you have a custom-built car in Idaho, you'll need to contact your local DMV office to have it registered and titled. While the registration process may be very similar to registering a regular car (see above), you may need to submit additional documents depending on your vehicle and parts.

Recreational Vehicles & Trailers

You can register your recreational vehicle or trailer at your local Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles office in the same manner as registering your regular car or truck. Your registration fee will be based on the age of your vehicle. Visit our Car Registration page for details.

In addition to receiving license plates, you must also purchase a recreational vehicle sticker. First-time issuance fees are prorated quarterly, and are as follows:

  • $8.50 for the first $1,000 of the trailer's market value (see "RV Fees and Valuation Factor" below).
  • $5 extra for each remaining $1,000 (or portion) of value.

If you have a camp trailer, tent trailer, or fifth-wheel, you'll need to pay an additional $4, and your RV fees are based on 100% of the market value of the vehicle.

RV Fees and Valuation Factor

The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) uses a valuation factor set by the Idaho State Tax Commission in determining the market value and the RV fees associated with your RV or motor home. It's based on the type of motor home chassis. They do this to exclude the value of the motor home chassis from the recreational part of the vehicle.

Here are the valuation factors:

  • Class A Motor home (MH): 60%
  • Class A (MH) front engine Diesel: 45%
  • Class A (MH) rear engine Diesel: 58%
  • Class B Van conversions: 25%
  • Class C Mini motor home (MMH): 50%

To determine RV fees, multiply the overall value of your motor home or RV by these pre-determined valuation factors.

Scooters and Mopeds in ID

Scooters and other motor-driven cycles are classified into several categories in Idaho for licensing and registration purposes.

A moped DOES NOT have to be registered IF it has:

  • An engine no more than 50 cc (for combustion engines) and/or under 2 hp.
  • A top speed of 30 MPH.
  • An automatic transmission.

If your moped engine is larger than 50 cc or it exceeds 30 MPH, the vehicle is considered a motorcycle and must be registered in Idaho.

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