Online Services in Idaho

Thanks to the online services offered by the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles and separate private vendors, you can handle most vehicle- and driver-related tasks from home. Keep reading for information on the time-saving services offered by the state and private vendors.

Online Vehicle Services in Idaho

The Idaho Transportation Department's Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) now has online resources for taking care of many vehicle-related needs. Private companies also offer convenient services, which may not be available to you through Idaho's DMV.

Idaho DMV Vehicle Services

You can handle the following vehicle-related tasks directly through the online services offered by ID's Division of Motor Vehicles:

  • Renew vehicle registration and plates.
  • Check the status of your vehicle:
    • Registration.
    • Title.
  • Order vanity license plates.
  • Request vehicle history reports (VHRs).
  • Make auto insurance filings.
  • Renew commercial vehicle registration.
  • Get CDL weight and fuel permits.
  • Access and create crash reports.
  • Insurance verification.

Vehicle Services Through Third Parties

A private company can help you with the following vehicle services:

  • Find motorcycle insurance.
    • Make the best decision for your budget and bike by first comparing the rates and plans of motorcycle insurance providers in your area.
  • Choose car insurance.
    • You can make a decision with confidence by using a private vendor to compare the prices and coverage of different insurance agencies in your area.
  • Vehicle history report (VHR).
    • Before buying a used vehicle, you should always conduct a VHR and/or VIN check to ensure the car is a reliable (and legal) purchase.
  • Extended vehicle warranty.
    • You'll sleep easier at night knowing your car is protected by a comprehensive, extended warranty after the original coverage expires.

Idaho License & Record Services

Thanks to the Internet, you can now complete many license- and record-related tasks from home. Both the Idaho DMV AND third-party companies offer time-saving online services for your convenience.

ID Division of Motor Vehicles Assistance

Unless indicated otherwise, the Idaho DMV provides online services to help you with license and record-related requests for:

  • Driver records.
  • Driver's license reinstatement.
  • License status inquiry.
  • Commercial driver license self-certification.
  • Official address change.
  • Vital records (via the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare).
  • Court records (through the Idaho state courts).

Third-Party Vendor Online Services

A private vendor can help you with the following ID license and record requests for:

  • Official name change.
    • With a single request, a private vendor will make sure your name's officially changed across multiple government agency databases.
  • Driving records.
    • Get the personal and professional driving records you need in a timely manner through a third-party vendor.
  • Background checks.
    • Keep your business and employees safe by running background checks on any potential hires.
  • Court records.
    • Avoid the hassles of state agencies by requesting court records through a third-party company.
  • Vital records.
    • You'll have quick and easy access to all types of vital records (birth, death, marriage, divorce) through a private vendor.
  • International Driver's Permit(IDP).
    • When driving abroad, always have an IDP so foreign authorities can understand your driving credentials.
  • Expedited passport.
    • When you've made last-minute travel plans, make sure you get your passport in time by ordering it through a third party.

Idaho Driver's Education Services

From taking points off your record to preparing for a permit test, driver's education services have never been easier to access.

The Idaho DMV offers online practice tests for those of you applying for a new driver's license.

Third-party companies also offer useful Idaho Driver's Ed products like:

Sorting out ID traffic tickets and legal issues is stressful enough. Make your life easier by using the online services provided by state and private vendors.

Idaho's court system now allows you to conveniently pay your traffic tickets online.

A third-party company can assist you with:

  • Protecting your identity.
    • Keep your future and finances safe by investing in an extensive identity theft prevention program.
  • Hiring a DUI lawyer.
    • For your best chances in court, make sure you have a DUI attorney who's affordable and knowledgeable.

Miscellaneous ID Online Services

If you didn't find what you needed above, take a look at the rest of the online services offered by the Idaho DMV:

  • Commercial driver portal.
  • Hazardous endorsement purchase and look-up.
  • International Fuel Tax Association services.
  • Unified Carrier Registration portal.
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