Motorcycle Manual in Idaho

SUMMARY: Motorcycle Manual in Idaho

The Idaho Motorcycle Operator's Manual (REV 2021) contains details about safe riding tips and traffic laws in Idaho. You'll also find a range of details to help you learn how to ride a motorcycle, pass the written and road exams, and get your motorcycle license.

Keep reading to learn more about the ID motorcycle manual.

About the ID Motorcycle Operator Manual

The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) along with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) developed the Idaho Motorcycle Operator's Manual (REV 2021) to help keep the roads safe for all drivers.

Be sure to study the manual to help you prepare for the ID motorcycle written test and learn how to safely operate your motorcycle.

What's in the Idaho Motorcycle Manual?

The Idaho motorcycle manual provides details about topics including:

  • Licensing procedures and the on-cycle skills test.
  • Motorcycle endorsement and testing fees.
  • Rider education.
  • Preparing to ride.
  • Riding within your abilities.
  • Avoiding a crash.
  • Riding on dangerous surfaces.
  • Carrying passengers and cargo.
  • Riding in a group.
  • Sample practice test questions.

Apply for an Idaho Motorcycle License

To obtain a motorcycle license in ID, you'll need to first pass a knowledge exam and get your motorcycle permit. With this permit you'll be able to practice riding in preparation for your road skills test.

Once you're ready for your road skills test, visit your local ID DMV office with:

  • A motorcycle with current registration and insurance.
  • Proof you've completed the motorcycle written test.
  • Proof you've completed an approved motorcycle-rider training course.
  • Payment for:
    • $25 skills test fee (exact change).
    • $15 motorcycle endorsement fee.

For complete application instructions, please read our Motorcycle License in Idaho page.

Refer to the ID Motorcycle Operator's Manual (REV 2021) for additional details about what to expect during the skills test.

Sample Motorcycle Practice Test Questions

To prepare for your ID DMV written exam—that you'll need to pass to obtain your motorcycle permit—try a few practice test questions beforehand.

Once you can pass a full ID motorcycle practice test, you may also consider getting a printable DMV study guide to use as a tool for memorizing Idaho traffic signs.

Sample Idaho Motorcycle Test Question #1

While riding in a group, inexperienced drivers should remain at the following position:

a) In the front of the group.
b) Just behind the leader.
c) Next to the leader.
d) At the back of the group.

(Answer: b)

Sample Idaho Motorcycle Test Question #2

If your motorcycle starts to wobble, the ID motorcycle manual indicates you should:

a) Downshift.
b) Slowly apply a pressure to the brakes.
c) Hold a tight grip and gradually close the throttle.
d) Accelerate out of the wobble.

(Answer: c)

Sample Idaho Motorcycle Test Question #3

When turning your motorcycle:

a) Keep your arms straight.
b) Turn only your head and eyes to look where you're going.
c) Position your knees away from the gas tank.
d) Turn your head and shoulders.

(Answer: b)

For more practice test questions, see our Idaho Motorcycle Practice Tests page.

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