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No matter how you look at it, a trip to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) seems like a chore. But you can save time if you arrive prepared. Look online, and you will find PDF versions of most of the forms that the DMV requires you to fill out.

Best of all, you can figure out ahead of time which additional documents and pieces of information you may need to supplement your forms. You don't want to head to the DMV only to find that you are unprepared and therefore have to make a second trip.

Reading a PDF

If you have never downloaded a PDF, you will quickly learn that it's a piece of cake. For starters, you will need Adobe Reader to open the PDFs (it's free).

When you click on a link for a specific form, your computer will open that PDF with the application (Adobe Reader). Once you open the PDF and it appears on your screen, you can save it to your computer, print it, and then fill it out at your convenience.

Here are some of the forms available:

The DMV also offers a variety of other downloadable forms for the following subjects:

  • Vehicle titling forms.
  • Dealer/salesperson forms.
  • Special license plate application forms.

Frequently Requested Idaho Forms

Driver Services:

Vehicle Services:

Other Idaho DMV Publications

CDL Fact Sheet

If you are applying for a Commercial Driver License (CDL), you will soon find that the DMV takes very seriously the transporting of hazardous materials. You can download a helpful CDL Hazmat Endorsement Fact Sheet that details everything you need to know about the application process, issuance, eligibility, and disqualifying crimes. Not a form to fill out, the fact sheet is good just to keep on hand while you are preparing to obtain your CDL.

Voter Registration

If you have recently moved to the state or if you are an Idaho resident with a new address, the DMV is not the only department with which you will need to update your information. Update your address and register to vote with your County Clerk.

The Idaho Votes website spells out everything you need to know regarding voter registration and offers downloadable versions of the Voter Registration Application Card and the Absentee Ballot Request.

Drivers in the Military

If you are in the military and anticipate deployment out of the state or out of the country, you will want to be sure that your Idaho driver's license won't expire while you are away. If the expiration date is within the next 25 months, you can renew your license in person. If it is more than 25 months away, and falls on a date when you know you will be out of the state, you can apply for an extension using the Extension of Idaho Driver's License Application (Form ITD 3153).

Online Services

Some tasks you can actually take care of online. The following will link you to online versions of forms that you can submit online. BBB Business Review