Defensive Driving in Idaho

SUMMARY: Idaho Defensive Driving Courses

If you've received a traffic conviction or want to reduce your car insurance premiums, a defensive driving course/traffic school approved by the Idaho Transportation Department Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may be an option for you.

The Idaho DMV approves both classroom and online defensive driving courses, which teach you valuable driving techniques that may reduce your risk of traffic violations and accidents in the future.

Even if you are not eligible to take a course for a point dismissal or car insurance discount, you can still benefit from a defensive driving program.

On this page you'll find information about Idaho traffic school/defensive driving courses, your options for completing a course, and what steps to take when you are finished.

Benefits of Idaho Defensive Driving Courses

Depending on your specific circumstances and personal driving history, you may be able to complete a defensive driving course/traffic school program to:

  • Earn a car insurance discount.
  • Deduct points from your ID DMV driving record.
  • Satisfy the requirements of a traffic ticket.

You'll have the option of completing defensive driving online or in a classroom. While your circumstances may require you to take a specific course, generally the only thing affecting your choice between the two options will be your schedule and personal preference.

For a complete list of Idaho DMV-approved defensive driving courses, please visit the Idaho DMV website.

NOTE: If you've received a traffic ticket, your Idaho traffic court may allow you to complete traffic school to either dismiss your violation or complete your sentencing requirements. Please contact your court for more information.

Remove Driving Record Points with Idaho Traffic School

Traffic violations can lead to points on your Idaho DMV driving record. If you accumulate too many driving record points, you run the risk of receiving a driver's license suspension.

For more information about driver's license suspensions and ordering your driving record, please visit our pages on the following topics:

You'll have the option of removing up to 3 points from your driving record by completing a defensive driving course once every 3 years.

If you have received a warning letter for your driving record points, completing a defensive driving/driver improvement course may prevent a driver's license suspension.

NOTE: If you have already received a driver's license suspension from accumulating too many driving record points, a defensive driving course will not remove your suspension.

Get an Insurance Discount with Idaho Defensive Driving

Traffic school/defensive driving can also be used to earn an auto insurance discount.

While defensive driving discounts are often granted to teens and drivers over a certain age, all drivers may be eligible.

Please contact your car insurance provider to check if you're eligible for a discount.

Idaho Traffic School Course Details

Whether you take a defensive driving/traffic school online or in the classroom, your course will cover topics, such as:

  • Defensive driving techniques.
  • Safe driving attitudes and behaviors.
  • Idaho traffic laws.
  • Sharing the road with other drivers.
  • Alcohol/drug abuse, violations, and consequences.

Your defensive driving course will generally last about 6 hours; however, this may vary depending on your chosen course.

You will need to pass a final exam in order to complete the course and receive a defensive driving completion certificate.

Depending on your reason for taking defensive driving, you may need to submit your completion certificate to:

  • The Idaho DMV.
  • Your traffic court.
  • Your car insurance company.
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