Paperwork When Selling a Car in Idaho

Paperwork Required to Sell a Car in Idaho

If you're selling your car in Idaho, there are a few things that the Transportation Department requires you to do before the transfer of ownership is complete. Don't worry, though; most of the responsibility lies on the buyer, and we've outlined everything you need to know right here on this page.

Selling a Vehicle in Idaho

When it comes to the early, basic steps of selling a car in Idaho, the procedure is the same as anywhere else. First, you need to set a fair price so you want to do your research on the current market value of your vehicle. From there, you'll advertise the sale and effectively deal with prospective buyers considering your offer.

This part of the process in particular can be a bit intimidating, so now is a good time to review our companion Guide to Selling Your Car—it's full of practical info and savvy tips.

If you've managed to track down a buyer, it's time to move on to the basic process for executing a title transfer.

Documents Required to Sell Your Car

The only document the Idaho Transportation Department requires from you is the car's certificate of title. You'll need to provide this document to the buyer with the following information included:

  • Vehicle mileage (odometer reading at time of sale).
  • Signature.
  • Your name and signature.
  • The buyer's details and signature.

NOTE: This is required if your vehicle is model year 2011 and newer and under 16,000 lbs.

While not a legal requirement, it's also a good idea to complete a bill of sale to summarize the sales transaction for yourself and the buyer. It should include all of the following details:

  • A description of the vehicle.
  • The sales price you and the buyer have agreed upon.
  • The buyer's name.
  • Your signature.
  • The date of the sale.

The Idaho Transportation Department provides a Bill of Sale (Form ITD 3738) that can be downloaded, or you can use our generic Bill of Sale Form.

Release of Liability

An extra step you can take after selling your car is to notify the ID Transportation Department of the sale and thus, releasing your liability attached to the vehicle.

This protects you if the new owner gets into an accident or causes any damage with the vehicle before they register and title it in their name.

Send a completed Notice of Release of Liability (Form ITD 3858) and payment for the $3.50 fee to your local county assessor's motor vehicle department.

Duplicate Idaho Certificate of Title

In the event your car title has been stolen, misplaced, or mutilated, you'll want to apply for a duplicate title in order to complete the sale. To do so, fill out the Transportation Department's Duplicate Idaho Title Application (Form ITD 3367), which will require you to provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) as well as the title number. Those two numbers can be found on your registration.

If you don't have these numbers, you can obtain them by submitting a completed Idaho Motor Vehicle Record Request (Form ITD 3374) and payment for the $7 fee to the ID Transportation Department. You can also request your Idaho motor vehicle record online.

If there's an active lien, the lien holder must complete the application for a duplicate title and receive the replacement. If you've satisfied the lien, include proof of the lien release with your application.

You will need to pay a $14 fee for a duplicate title.

For more information, visit our Replacing a Lost Title in Idaho page.

Idaho Vehicle History Reports

Used-car shoppers who are considering your vehicle may end up requesting a vehicle history report on it, so it's a very good idea to be aware of what this resource is and how it's used.

Vehicle history reports, which can be obtained using a car's VIN, include background information such as a vehicle's involvement in accidents, thefts, or odometer fraud. If you're interested in learning more, please refer to our Vehicle History Reports page.

Forms for Easy Download

Bill of Sale (Form ITD 3738)

Notice of Release of Liability (Form ITD 3858)

Duplicate Idaho Title Application (Form ITD 3367)

Idaho Motor Vehicle Record Request (Form ITD 3374)

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ITD 3374
Motor Vehicle Record Request
Request Idaho vehicle records from the Division of Motor Vehicles for purposes allowed by law.
ITD 3738
Bill of Sale
Use this form as a proof of sale when you transfer ownership of a vehicle in Idaho.
ITD 3367
Duplicate Idaho Title Application
Request a replacement vehicle title from the ID Division of Motor Vehicles.
ITD 3858
Notice of Release of Liability
Notify the DMV that you've transferred vehicle ownership out of your name so you aren't held responsible for the vehicle anymore.
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