Salesperson License in Idaho

Before You Begin

Before you begin the motor vehicle salesperson application process, take note of the following:

  • You must have a motor vehicle salesperson license in order to legally sell vehicles in Idaho.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to obtain a salesperson license.
  • There are parts of the salesperson application that your dealer must complete. This means if you have any trouble during the application process, your employer (i.e., the dealer who is hiring you) can help you.

The Salesperson License Application Process

Once a dealer has agreed to hire you, the two of you can begin the salesperson application process. The first step? Complete the Personal History And Salesperson Application(Form ITD 3171), answering honestly and to the best of your knowledge, and mail it along with the $36 fee to the address on the form.

Once the folks in Boise have processed the application and are ready for you get your picture identification card processed, they'll contact you and send you to your local driver's license office. A picture ID costs an extra $10 and is expected at the time you have your picture taken.

Salesperson License Fee

Your salesperson ID card costs $26; you must send this fee with your application. If you have your picture taken for a picture ID, you'll pay an additional $10 at that time.

Application Deadline

There is no application deadline, and applications are accepted throughout the year.

Waiting Period and Temporary Permit

Various factors go into the waiting period for your Idaho motor vehicle salesperson license; however, once your application has been processed a notification and a 60 day temporary license will be mailed to the dealership.

Renewing Your Idaho Salesperson License

When it's time to renew your Idaho salesperson license, the Idaho Transportation Department's Vehicle Services will notify you. Note that you'll use the same form to renew (the Personal History And Salesperson Application(Form ITD 3171)).

Obtaining a Duplicate Idaho Salesperson License

If you need a duplicate salesperson license, apply for one using the same form you used to apply for your original license, the Personal History And Salesperson Application(Form ITD 3171). The duplicate fee is $18.

Where You Can Find More Information

Both DMV.ORG and the Idaho Transportation Department provide further information about obtaining your Idaho motor vehicle salesperson license and how to sell motor vehicles responsibly:

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