Dealer Licensing in Idaho

In Idaho, you need a car dealer license if you sell and/or will work at selling, exchanging, or consigning 5 vehicles/vessels or more during 1 calendar year.

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) handles car dealer license applications. There are several steps to submitting a successful application—keep reading for a basic idea of what you’ll need to do!

Pre-Application Requirements

BEFORE turning in an Application for Vehicle or Vessel Dealership License (Form ITD 3170), you need to:

  • Contact the Dealer Team at (208) 334-8681 to confirm that your dealership’s proposed name isn’t too similar to another dealership’s name.
    • For car dealerships using a “doing business as” (DBA) name, you must ALSO file with the ID Secretary of State (SOS) office.
  • Submit verification that you have filed as a corporation, limited-liability company, or limited-liability partnership, if applicable.
    • If you need to file or need record of your filing, find your applicable listing on the SOS’ Business Entities portal.
  • Obtain building and zoning approval.
  • Apply for a seller’s permit number issued in your dealership’s name with the Idaho State Tax Commission.
    • Call (208) 334-7660 (in the Boise area) or (800) 972-7660 for more information.
  • Purchase a vehicle dealer performance bond for the appropriate dealership type:
    • Retail dealers: $20,000.
    • Wholesale-only dealers: $40,000.
    • Motorcycle, ATV, utility, camper, and snow machine dealers: $10,000.
  • Buy liability insurance with the following minimums:
    • Bodily injury:
      • $25,000 for 1 person.
      • $50,000 for 2 people.
    • Property damage/destruction: $15,000.
  • Complete a pre-licensing class (8 hours) and exam—used car or wholesale dealership applicants ONLY.
    • Must be completed by at least 1 owner. To find an approved course, contact the Idaho State Independent Automobile Dealer's Association at (208) 463-7709 or (208) 463-7709.

Apply for Your ID Dealer License

Once you’ve taken care of the above requirements, you can apply for your Idaho dealer license by submitting the following to the ITD:

  • A completed:
  • If applicable, proof of pre-licensing training.
  • Verification of business filing, if applicable.
  • A letter of zoning approval OR the zoning official’s signature on your dealer application.
  • If you’re selling new cars, the manufacturer’s letter of franchise approval for each type of vehicle/vessel being sold.
  • A copy of your seller’s permit number from the ID State Tax Commission.
  • Your employer identification number, assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Proof of a vehicle dealer performance bond.
    • You can post this bond in the form of cash or a certificate of deposit.
  • Your liability insurance certificate.
  • Payment for the applicable Idaho dealer license fees.

Mail everything to:

Dealer Services
Idaho Transportation Department
P.O. Box 34
Boise, ID 83731

Completing this application is no easy feat—if you need further assistance, call the Transportation Department’s dealer licensing number at (208) 334-8681.

ID Car Dealer License Fees

Idaho car dealer license fees are as follows:

  • Initial dealer license: $190.
  • Renewal: $175.
  • ICAR payment: $300.
    • Wholesale-only dealers are exempt from the ICAR fee.
  • Owner/officer ID: Free.
  • Salesperson ID: $36.
  • Dealer license reprints: $18.
  • Dealer plates: $20.80 (includes mailing and ISP fees).
  • Supplemental lot license: $44 per location.
  • Off-site temporary supplemental lots license:
    • Initial license: $44.
    • 2 dealers and up: $88.
  • Temporary registrations (30 days): $180.
    • Available only for out-of-state residents.

For more information on which fees specifically apply to you and your dealership, call the ID Transportation Department’s dealer licensing number at (208) 334-8681.

Car Dealership Inspections in Idaho

After you complete the application process, an inspector will need to inspect your principal business location. The Motor Vehicle Investigator who will call you to make an appointment for your dealership inspection. 

For specifics, refer to the state’s principal place of business requirements.

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