Dealer Forms in Idaho

The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has made easy obtaining necessary dealer forms online. You can download PDF versions of these using Adobe Reader, save them to your computer's desktop, print out, and complete them at your convenience. Pay close attention to specific mailing addresses when preparing to mail your forms and fees, as there are a variety of PO Boxes designated for each procedure.

Application for Dealer License

This four-page packet contains the necessary forms required to obtain a vehicle or vessel dealership license. It includes detailed information on procedures and fees, a checklist, a form that designates the type of business (individual, partnership, corporation, or LLC), and a form for the vehicle or vessel dealer bond. Once you completely fill out the packet, mail the Application For Vehicle Or Vessel Dealership License (Form ITD 3170), required attachments, and fees to:

  • Dealer Services
  • Idaho Transportation Department
  • P.O. Box 34
  • Boise ID 83731

Application for Dealer Plate Order

This Dealer Plate Order (Form ITD 3635) and the appropriate fees should also be mailed to the Idaho Transportation Department at the above address. New plates will run you $23 per plate (includes $24.15 mailing fee and ISP Fee) . Renewal stickers cost only $24.15.

Application for Vehicle or Vessel Manufacturer License

The Application For Vehicle Or Vessel Manufacturer/Distributor License (Form ITD 3172) and its fees very closely resemble the dealer application. The main difference is the inclusion of factory representatives.

Consumer Complaint and Request for Investigation

You are a bit on your own when it comes to filing a complaint. The DMV will not offer legal advice, so you might want to contact a private attorney to determine your rights and remedies. Once you complete the Consumer Complaint and Request for Investigation (Form ITD 3628), send it to the address listed on the form. Contact (208) 334-8681 with questions.

Titles Transmittal for Dealer/Financial Agency

Once you fill out this Titles Transmittal For Dealer/Financial Agency (Form ITD 3204), make a copy for yourself to keep for your records, and attach a separate check per sheet for the fees. The standard title fee is $14; the Transitional Ownership Document is $26.

Be sure to also enclose a SASE so that the DMV can return your copy and a receipt to your company. Otherwise, you will not receive a receipt. Bring the application to your local County Assessor's office or mail to:

  • Ada County Processing Center
  • P.O. Box 140019
  • Garden City, ID 83714

NOTE: For rush items, see below.

Rush Titles Transmittal for Dealer/Financial Agency

All of the above-mentioned procedures apply to this Rush Titles Transmittal For Dealer/Financial Agency (Form ITD 3203). The only difference is the $26 rush fee in addition to the standard title fee.

Loaner Plates

The Loaner Plate Or Registration Order/Renewal (Form ITD 3169) serves two purposes. You can use it for new plate orders or for renewals. Both copies of the form must be submitted to the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). If you simply need to replace your plates, see below.

Loaner Plate Replacement

You can only use the Loaner Plate Or Registration Order/Renewal (Form ITD 3169) to order replacement plates if the vehicle is currently registered.

30-Day Temporary Registration Permits

Both copies of the 30 - Day Temporary Registration Permits (Form ITD 3763) must be completed and returned to the ITD.

Out-of-State Distributor Manufacturer Application

This process can be a bit tricky, so be mindful of the steps laid out in the instructions attached to the Application For Out-of-State Distributor License (Form ITD 3188), and be prepared to pay the following fees:

  • Distributor license: $190
  • Distributor representative license; $44 (each)

Personal History and Salesperson Application

Once you have submitted the Personal History And Salesperson Application (Form ITD 3171) and the $36 fee to the appropriate office, you will be notified to make a trip to the County Driver's License office. When you arrive, be prepared to pay an additional $10 fee and to have your picture taken. Even if you own multiple vehicle dealerships, the state will only give you one picture ID for the primary dealership. Return the application to the address on the form.

Temporary Supplemental Lot Application

Use the Off-Site Motor Vehicle Dealer's License Temporary Supplemental Lot (Form ITD 3198) for off-site motor vehicle dealer's licenses. As the dealer looking to use a temporary supplemental lot (see the attached full definition when you download this PDF), either contact your local Motor Vehicle Investigator or mail all copies of the application to the address on the form.


ITD 3628
Consumer Complaint and Request for Investigation
Submit an official complaint about a dealership to the Idaho Transportation Department.