Bill of Sale Requirements in Idaho

In the sale and purchase of a vehicle in Idaho a bill of sale may be required under certain circumstances. Continue reading to learn more about bill of sale requirements in Idaho.

Bill of Sale Requirements in ID

If the existing title has an area where the seller can declare the amount you paid for the vehicle (as most blue Idaho titles do), you will not need to fill out a separate bill of sale.

However, if the title does not provide space to declare the selling price, the seller must complete and sign a Bill of Sale (Form ITD 3738), naming the buyer as the vehicle's new owner. This is a state requirement as it:

  • Records the exact sale price.
  • Provides information on both the buyer and seller.
  • Serves as a document necessary in the state's titling process.

NOTE: The transfer of ownership of a vehicle requires reassignment of the vehicle title. Visit our Title Transfer in Idaho page for more information.

Using Idaho's Bill of Sale

In your Idaho Bill of Sale (Form ITD 3738), you will need to include to following:

  • The vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Contact information and signatures for both buyer and seller.
  • The final sale price.
  • An odometer reading.
  • A vehicle description.

Generic Bill of Sale

If you have trouble downloading the Idaho Bill of Sale form, we provide links to generic forms which include space for all the necessary information.


ITD 3738
Bill of Sale
Use this form as a proof of sale when you transfer ownership of a vehicle in Idaho.
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