Registration Renewal in Iowa

Vehicle Registration Renewal in Iowa

Before your Iowa vehicle registration expires, you must renew it with the IA Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Vehicle Services.

On this page you'll find information about renewing your vehicle registration online, by mail, and in person.

If you've already renewed your vehicle registration, you can contact the IA DOT to check the status of your order.

Your Iowa Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice

The Iowa DOT will mail you a vehicle registration renewal notice before your current registration expires.

It will include:

  • Your vehicle information.
  • Your online renewal PIN, if applicable.
  • Payment instructions.

You can renew your vehicle registration up to 1 month before and after your expiration date without having to pay a late fee.

After that, you will be charged a monthly late fee of 5% of your registration renewal fee or $5 (whichever is higher) until you renew.

NOTE: If you've lost or never received your renewal notice, you may still be able to renew online or in person. You may need to provide your current registration renewal receipt audit number and your vehicle information.

Renew Your IA Vehicle Registration

You can renew your vehicle registration by mail or in person with your local Iowa DOT county treasurer's office. Many counties also offer online vehicle license plate tag renewals.

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If you are in one of the following counties, please visit their website (linked below) for more renewal information and to check if you can renew online:

For all other counties, visit the Iowa State County Treasurer's Association website to renew your vehicle registration online.

NOTE: You can choose whether to create an account, or make a one-time payment.

You'll need to provide:

  • Your IA license plate number.
  • Your online registration renewal PIN, which can be found on your renewal notice.
  • Your vehicle registration audit number, which can be found on your last vehicle registration renewal receipt.
  • Payment. (See “Fees to Renew Your IA Vehicle Registration" below.)

NOTE: You will be charged an additional service fee when renewing your Iowa DMV vehicle registration online.

By Mail or In Person

To renew your Iowa vehicle registration by mail or in person, you'll need:

  • Your IA registration renewal notice OR your vehicle registration information.
  • Payment. (See “Fees to Renew Your IA Vehicle Registration" below.)

Submit the above in person or by mail to your local Iowa county treasurer's office.

Fees to Renew Your IA Vehicle Registration

Registration renewal fees in Iowa vary by county. Contact your local Iowa DMV office or check your county treasurer's website.

You can also find your registration renewal fees on your renewal notice.

If you renew your registration after the grace period of 1 month past the expiration date, you will be charge an additional monthly fee of $5 per month, or 5% of your renewal fee (whichever is higher).

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Online:
    • E-check.
    • VISA, Discover, and MasterCard credit/debit card.
  • By mail: Check payable to your local county treasurer.
  • In person:
    • Cash.
    • Check.
    • Debit card.
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