MVD Forms in Iowa

Many government agencies, like the Iowa Department of Transportation's Motor Vehicle Division requires forms for most of its services. For example:

Driver-related forms:

Unfortunately, driver's license applications are not available online. However, you may find other forms related to driver services in the Iowa DOT's Driver Services forms directory.

Vehicle-related forms:

The Iowa DOT makes available additional forms relating to vehicles, registration, and license plates in the Vehicle Services forms directory.

Downloading Forms

For your convenience, you can download many of the necessary driver's license and registration forms from the Iowa Department of Transportation's forms download page. The majority of the forms are available as PDF files that can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader software. However, forms are also available as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Desktop eForm files. You may download Desktop eForm free from the forms home page.

You can search for Iowa driver's license and registration forms by title or description. If you can't find the form you're looking for, e-mail for assistance or call your nearest driver's license station to request a printed copy of the form.

Tips for Completing Iowa DOT Forms

  • To prevent mistakes, read through the entire form before you begin filling it out.
  • Be thorough. Leaving blank spaces or providing incomplete information could delay the processing of your form.
  • If you're handwriting your form, be as neat as possible. You may even want to consider using a black or blue erasable ballpoint pen.
  • If you don't understand the form, ask for help. Generally, your nearest driver's license station will be able to assist you.

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