Motorcycle Theft Prevention

Motorcycle theft is a common problem that you should always keep in mind when your bike is unattended. With thousands of motorcycles stolen a year, it's worth spending some time learning how to protect yours

Anti-Theft Devices

Because a thief doesn't need to break “into" a motorcycle like he does a car, motorcycles feel more vulnerable to theft than other vehicles. They're also easier to transport. Still, some anti-theft devices can serve as both deterrents and theft prevention. Consider using the following on your bike.

Hidden Kill Switch

Kill switches make the motorcycle engine inoperable. Since some thieves know how to disable the kill switch, hidden kill switches have been developed. Some models come with hidden kill switches pre-installed. If you're handy with mechanics, it's possible to install one on your own—and then you can be sure no thief will know about it.

Anti-Theft Locks

Using locks can add an extra layer of security for your bike. Common types of motorcycle locks include:

  • Cable locks.
    • Depending on how sophisticated a thief is, they may be equipped to cut through a cable lock. However, attaching your bike to a stationary item, like a post, is one way to prevent your bike from being carried off. Cable lock prices range based on their size.
  • Steering lock.
    • Steering locks are not difficult to disable for a thief who knows what he's doing, but they're better than nothing. An opportunistic thief is going to look for a ride that is easy to steal and any lock creates a hurdle.
  • Disc lock (with or without an alarm).
    • Disc locks are a convenient option for their size, weight, and effectiveness. They work by preventing the wheel from moving.

GPS System

GPS devices are not a preventative, anti-theft mechanism. Their primary use is in locating a bike once it's been stolen. However, some GPS devices can alert you to the movement of the bike. For example, if you're having lunch at a restaurant and your bike is out of sight, you will get a text if suddenly your bike starts to move.

Motorcycle Theft Prevention Tips

Many own motorcycles not only for the cost or convenience, but also because of an emotional connection or sense of adventure associated with being out in the open on the road. Therefore, it doesn't hurt to be overly cautious about your bike.

Here are some ideas to think about as you plan how to protect your motorcycle:

  • Lock your ignition and remove the key.
  • Lock your bike to a stationary post or railing.
  • Use another type of lock, like a disk lock or kill switch.
  • If traveling with another biker, lock your bikes together.
  • Look for spots to park your bike that are very visible.
  • Park your bike within sight and distance of a security camera.
  • Keep all your papers (registration, motorcycle insurance card) on you, rather than with the bike.
  • When parking in a garage, block your motorcycle in with a car. Don't forget to secure the garage.
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