Avoiding Road Construction

Construction is a way of life for road travelers these days, especially in major metropolitan areas. The Internet and GPS devices with live traffic feeds can help you plan around these tie-ups, but there are other options. We've got some tips to help you avoid road construction.

Use Government Agency Resources

Ask the area highway patrol if they have a special radio frequency you can tune into to hear the latest traffic or construction reports.

Look at the state's Department of Transportation for websites that will alert you to construction areas and problematic traffic spots.

Take advantage of information centers along the interstate highways. Welcome centers at state borders and larger rest stops provide traffic information for the local area.

Avoid Hot Zones

If you're not in a hurry, take back roads. You might run across some pothole construction, but the work will be minor and the workers few, so the delay will be shorter. An added bonus is the opportunity to view the scenery. Just remember to map these out ahead of time to make sure it's worthwhile.

Watch Your Speed

If you do happen to zoom into a construction zone, be especially mindful of speed limits. Studies have shown that slower speeds reduce the risk to construction workers, so traffic tickets usually carry a double fine.

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