Types of Special License Plates in Hawaii

SUMMARY: Types of Special Hawaii License Plates

Several types of special license plates are available to Hawaii residents. You can order personalized license plates, special plates to benefit non-profits, and military license plates.

Keep reading for more information about types of special license plates in Hawaii.


Personalized Hawaii Plates

Personalized plates are one type of special plate available from Hawaii motor vehicle agencies.

Your personalized license plate can have:

  • Up to 6 characters.
  • 1 hyphen.
    • Can be in addition to the allowable characters OR in place of a character.
  • Spaces.

You CANNOT use language considered offensive or misleading in your custom tag number.

The fees for a personalized license plate are:

  • $25 to order.
    • If you're registering your vehicle for the first time, you'll also pay registration fees.
  • $25 PLUS standard renewal fees to renew.

NOTE: Your HI county motor vehicle agency may charge service fees, handling fees, or other special fees in addition to those above.

Learn how to apply for a personalized plate on our page Applying for Special License Plates.

Organization License Plates & Decals

Several special license plates and license plate decals are available to help support various Hawaii organizations.

Special plates or decals are available for organizations and causes such as:

  • The Hawaiian Humane Society.
  • Support Our Troops.

Different plates and decals may be available in each of Hawaii's counties. Contact your local vehicle registration office for information.

Fees for Organization Plates

You'll pay special fees for organizational license plates:

The sponsoring organization gets a percentage of the fee when you order and when you renew your tag.

Additional fees may apply depending on your location. For example, when you order your plate, the City and County of Honolulu charges:

  • A $5 license plate replacement fee.
  • A $0.50 emblem replacement fee.

For application instructions, visit Applying for Special License Plates in Hawaii.

Military License Plates in HI

The state of Hawaii issues several license plates for military personnel and veterans, including plates for:

  • Combat veterans.
  • Former prisoners of war.
  • Purple Heart recipients.
  • Persian Gulf veterans.
  • Service veterans.
  • Vietnam veterans.
  • World War II veterans.

Military plate availability, fees, and application processes may vary from county to county. Check with your local Hawaii motor vehicle licensing office for details.

For more about applications, see our Applying for Special License Plates page.

Antique Vehicle Plates

Antique vehicle plates are available for motor vehicles that are at least 35 years old.

The fee for an antique plate is $10. Your local office may charge additional service fees.

For more information, including application procedures, contact your county motor vehicle office.

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