Replacing a Lost Registration in Hawaii

The Hawaii Department of Transportation requires all operational vehicles to have a current registration card and an inspection sticker.

Although the state legislature regulates the process for obtaining new registration material, each county may have slight variations. If you have any questions, it is best to check with your local licensing or registration office to find out the specific details for a particular county.

Replace a Lost HI Registration Card

The instructions for replacing a lost or damaged registration receipt differ depending on your county—and each county has its own agency that handles registration services. Be sure to follow the guide that applies to the county in which your vehicle is registered.

Before proceeding, make sure you know your vehicle identification number (VIN). Find this:

  • On your vehicle title.
  • On the driver’s-side dashboard by the windshield.
  • In the driver’s door jamb.

No matter the county, you’ll be able to apply for a duplicate registration card either:

  • By mail.
  • In person.

Lost Your Plates or Decals?

Head over to our page on replacing lost or damaged license plates in Hawaii for help.

City & County of Honolulu

The Honolulu Motor Vehicle, Licensing and Permits Division handles vehicle registration services for the city and county of Honolulu.

To replace a lost or damaged registration card in the city or county of Honolulu, provide:

Submit these items and payment to your local DMV office OR mail them to:

City and County of Honolulu
Department of Customer Services
Motor Vehicle, Licensing, and Permits Division
P.O. Box 30330
Honolulu, HI 96820

Hawaii County

The Hawaii County Vehicle Registration and Licensing Division allows you to request your duplicate registration once you submit:

Submit your form at your local registration office OR mail it to:

County of Hawaii
101 Pauahi St., Suite 5
Hilo, HI 96720

Maui County

The Maui County Division of Motor Vehicles and Licensing also gives you the option to replace your lost or mutilated vehicle registration once you provide:

Visit your local DMV office to submit your items, or mail them to the address on the form.

Kauai County

The Kauai Department of Finance takes care of motor vehicle registration services in the county of Kauai.

To replace a vehicle registration in Kauai, provide:

Submit your application and payment to your local registration office OR mail it to:

County of Kauai
Department of Finance
4444 Rice St. Ste 466
Lihue, Kauai, HI 96766

Duplicate Registration Fees in HI

Below is a list of fees for replacing a lost, damaged, or stolen car registration in Hawaii:

  • City and County of Honolulu: Check with your local licensing office for specific fee information.
  • Hawaii County: $5.
  • Kauai County: $10.
  • Maui County: $10.

Lost HI Vehicle Inspection Sticker

If you notice an inspection sticker is no longer attached to your car, don’t worry—getting a replacement sticker is easy.

You can get a replacement sticker just by visiting the shop*that inspected your vehicle and requesting one. Call the shop before you arrive to see what documents you need to bring.

*NOTE: If the station went out of business, you can get a replacement sticker at another official inspection station. Present your current certificate of inspection, and you’ll get a replacement sticker for free without having the vehicle undergo another inspection.


CS-L (MVR) 5
Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Registration Form Honolulu Co
Submit to the Honolulu Division of Motor Vehicles to request a duplicate vehicle registration.
DMVL 575
Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Registration Form Maui Co
Submit to Maui's Division of Motor Vehicle and Licensing to apply for a replacement car registration.
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