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Mopeds and Scooters

If you had never been to the islands, you might think that the environment is ideal for two-wheeled travel on the likes of a moped or scooter. After all, gas prices in Hawaii sometimes feel more like filling up the tank in Europe rather than the U.S.

However, like many other states on the mainland, Hawaii is pretty car crazy, which means mopeds and scooters are not an everyday sight.

Hipster scooters are, however, making a comeback and many commuters elsewhere are finding them ultra handy. But regardless of whether you opt for a motor scooter or moped, you will need to register the vehicle with the county.


Although this may sound strange it can be an advantage for you because the registration fee is usually cheaper for a moped.

Motor Scooters

In Hawaii a motor scooter must go through the same registration process as a motorcycle.

Also, the laws for scooters and motorcycles are essentially the same. This means to ride a scooter in Hawaii you must obtain a motorcycle-class license and have the proper insurance.

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