Online Services in Hawaii

Spend less time waiting in line and more time at the beach by using Hawaii's online driver and vehicle services. You may choose to go directly through your county's government agency, though it's important to note the online services vary from island to island.

When you can't find a service through your local motor vehicle agency, or would like things done in a quicker, more visitor-friendly manner, consider using a private company instead.

Vehicle Services Online in Hawaii

From registering your vehicle to ordering vanity license plates, most of your vehicle-related needs can now be met online. You'll have the choice of either using your county's motor vehicle agency or a private company.

HI Motor Vehicle Agency Services

You can accomplish the following tasks using your local government agency's online services:

  • Renew your vehicle's registration.
  • Obtain special use vehicle permits.
  • Fleet monitoring and registration renewals.
  • Calculate registration fees.*
  • Order vanity license plates.*
  • Check the status of your vehicle title.*
  • Report an abandoned vehicle.*

* Honolulu county only.

HI Vehicle Services through Private Companies

If you couldn't find what you needed above, consider using a third-party vendor for the following vehicle-related services:

  • Motorcycle insurance.
    • If you love your bike, protect it with an insurance company you can not only trust, but also afford.
  • Auto insurance.
    • With the ability to compare rates online, you can rest assured you're getting the best insurance for your car at the best price.
  • Vehicle history report (VHR).
    • When buying a new car, always check the VHR to ensure your vehicle's safety and legality.
  • Extended warranty.
    • Buying an extended warranty on your vehicle can provide great peace of mind for a relatively low cost.

Hawaii License & Record Requests

You can make a number of online requests in regard to Hawaii licenses and personal records. Depending on the service and your desired time frame, a third-party company might serve you better than your county's government agency.

Hawaii County Government Agency Services

You can request the following directly through your county's government agency using Hawaii's online services:

  • Driving records.
  • Birth certificate.*
  • Civil Union application.
  • Marriage license application.
  • Marriage certificate.*
  • Name change.
  • Criminal history and sexual offender status.

* Hawaii county only.

Private Company License & Record Services

If you need assistance with licenses or personal records that fall outside of Hawaii's jurisdiction or are time-sensitive, consider your options with third-party companies requesting:

  • Name change.
    • A private vendor can change your name across multiple agencies, including the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, and U.S. Postal Service.
  • Driving records.
    • If you need driving records for personal or employment reasons, some companies can provide you with quicker results at a better price than most government agencies.
  • Background checks.
    • For a hassle-free background check, consider using a third party vendor.
  • Court records.
    • Should you need to look over the proceedings of a past court case, using a private vendor to get court records can help you avoid the bureaucratic processes of most government agencies.
  • Vital records.
    • Online firms can be a one-stop-shop for all types of vital records requests (i.e. birth, death, marriage, and divorce).
  • Expedited passport.
    • Planning a last-minute trip abroad? You'll want to use a private company to renew or apply for your passport to ensure you make it out of the country on time.
  • International Driver Permit (IDP).
    • If you're planning on driving abroad in the near future, some private services can ensure you have your IDP in time for your international travels.

Hawaii Online Driver's Ed Services

Hawaii does not offer driver's education online directly through county government agencies. You can, however, take advantage of numerous third party companies when it comes to prepping for your permit test, taking Driver's Ed, getting points off your license, and more.

Here are some products to consider:

Nobody likes dealing with tickets, and spending hours going through the motions of the state's legal processes feels like salt in the wound. Luckily, there are ways to save time (and possibly money) through Hawaii's online legal services.

Using the state's government website, you can now pay traffic tickets online.

Private vendors can also make smoothing out the wrinkles of legal issues much easier, especially if you need to:

  • Hire a DUI attorney.
    • Let a private company handle the stresses of searching for a competent and well-priced DUI lawyer.
  • Hire a traffic ticket lawyer.
    • You can save time (possibly money) by using a third party vendor to search for traffic ticket attorneys.
  • Protect your personal information.
    • Protecting your identity is definitely worth the cost of hiring a private company to secure and monitor your personal information.

Miscellaneous Online Services in HI

If you could not find what you needed above, here are some additional and relevant online services provided by Hawaii's county agencies:

  • Schedule a road test.*
  • Boating registration and payments.
  • Professional license renewal.
  • Polling place locator.*

* Honolulu county only.

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