Motorcycle Registration in Hawaii

Before you ride a motorcycle in Hawaii, you'll need to register it. Keep in mind, because Hawaii doesn't have a statewide department for motor vehicles, you're required to register your motorcycle within your individual county of residence.

The steps required to complete motorcycle registration can vary depending on your HI county of residence. All steps below use Hawaii County as an example.

New Hawaii Residents

After establishing Hawaii residency, you must register your motorcycle with your county of residence. Check with your local county registration office to determine the exact amount of time you have to register your bike.

Although the steps required to register your motorcycle may vary slightly from county to county, the overall process is generally the same.


Before heading into the vehicle registration office, you'll need to complete a safety inspection. Check out the state's list of authorized inspection stations to find your local facility.

Next, you'll need to visit your local vehicle registration office and present the following:

  • A completed Application for Registration of Motor Vehicle.
  • Your out-of-state title AND registration.
  • A bill of lading OR shipping receipt, which shows the date your motorcycle arrived in Hawaii County.
  • A safety inspection certificate.
  • Proof of your motorcycle's official manufacturer's weight.
    • If you do not have any documentation, you will need to get your motorcycle weighed at a certified scale.
  • A completed Motor Vehicle Use Tax Certification (Form G-27) to determine the tax you may need to pay.
  • Proof of Hawaii motorcycle insurance.
  • Payment for the $46 registration fee PLUS any additional fees and taxes required by your county of residence.

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Register Your HI Motorcycle

The process for registering your motorcycle can vary depending on if you:

  • Purchased it from a dealership.
  • Bought it from a private seller.
  • Changed your Hawaii county of residence.

Contact your county's registration office for details on the specific steps required in all instances. Below, we'll highlight the process it is stands in Hawaii County.

Motorcycles Bought at Dealerships

When you purchase a new motorcycle from a Hawaii County dealership, the dealership agent will usually handle the registration process for you. If they don't, see below for details on registering it yourself. Additional fees and taxes may be required with payment or be included in the purchase price of the motorcycle.

Make sure you check with the dealership before you leave to see if any additional steps are required on your end. In some cases, the dealer may give you a temporary registration while you wait for the official HI plates and tags to arrive in the mail.

Motorcycles Bought from Private Sellers

When you purchase a motorcycle from a private seller in Hawaii, you'll need to handle the registration process yourself.

Because Hawaii has no statewide DMV agency, motorcycle registration is handled by county governments and may differ depending on your county of residence. Below we'll use Hawaii County's registration process as an example.

To register a motorcycle you bought from a private seller in Hawaii County, make sure to have a title signed by both you and the seller. Bring it, along with the following items to your local vehicle registration office:

Registration When Changing Counties

If you decide to move to a different county in Hawaii, you will be required to register your motorcycle again in your new county of residence.

Although the exact steps may vary according to which county you are registering your motorcycle in, generally you'll need to visit your local vehicle registration office with the following in hand:

  • The current title AND registration for the motorcycle.
    • If the motorcycle has a lienholder, bring this information with you.
  • Payment for the required registration fees, as determined by the county employee assisting you.

Call the vehicle registration office in the county you'll be moving to for confirmation of the documents you need to transfer your motorcycle's registration.

Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

Aside from the state registration fee of $46, the exact amount of fees and taxes you're required to pay when registering your motorcycle will vary according to your county of residence.

To find out more about the motorcycle registration fees and taxes you could owe in:


Motor Vehicle Use Tax Certification
Submit to the Hawaii Department of Taxation to verify that you do OR do not owe use tax on an imported vehicle.
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