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If you are reading through the website and begin pondering how the hierarchy of Hawaii's motor vehicle system is situated, here is how it works.

The Department of Transportation is the big kahuna. Well, at least when it comes to driver's licenses and registering and titling a vehicle. Other specifics like ID cards, handicap parking placards, and dealer licensing are handled elsewhere.

But when it comes to managing the program, the system tends to give way to the four separate island counties. This is where you most likely will come into contact with any motor vehicle-related issues. The counties operate the programs under their own agencies and even devise their own fees for services rendered.

So, on the Big Island you will take care of your driver's license and your registration through the Department of Finance. But on Maui, everything is taken care of by the Department of Finance and its satellite offices.

Kauai also has its motor vehicle division under the Department of Finance. The City and County of Honolulu tucks everything under the umbrella of the Department of Customer Services.

Each county has created a relatively user-friendly online environment. But a couple of the sites offer a multitude of customer conveniences. These are the places you will have access to many of the forms you will need to fill out while at a local motor vehicle office.

Simply having the opportunity to print and complete the paperwork beforehand can save a lot of time when it comes to your turn in line. For a list of online perks in each county, see below.

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Hawaii County

Maui County

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