DOT Forms in Hawaii

The different counties and State of Hawaii offer a number of driver and vehicle forms online, which you'll find available for download below (you'll need the free Adobe Reader to access the documents). 

If you can't find the form you need, check our pages with Hawaii driver handbooks and motorcycle manuals. Still no luck? You may need to pick up the form in person at your local driver licensing or motor vehicle office

If you need further assistance finding or filling out the forms, contact your county licensing office:

  • City & County of Honolulu Department of Customer Services: (808) 768-9100.
  • County of Hawaii Department of Finance: (808) 961-2223.
  • County of Kauai Department of Finance: 808-241-4242.
  • County of Maui Department of Finance: (808) 270-7363.

Most Requested Forms

Application for a Social Security Card
Apply for an original, replacement, OR corrected Social Security card.
Drivers License Application
Apply for a new, renewed, OR duplicate Hawaii instruction permit in Honolulu. Form can also be used to request an out-of-state driver's license transfer, replacement driver's license, OR driver's license renewal.
Notice of Change of Address Honolulu Co
Notify the Honolulu Division of Motor Vehicle of a change of address (to be reflected in your DMV records).
DMVL 505
Notice of Change of Address Maui Co
Notify the Maui DMVL of a change of address (to be reflected on your vehicle records).

Driver's License & ID Forms

Behind-the-Wheel Student Completion Certificate
You must submit this completed form to the Honolulu DMV as proof you completed the required driving practice for an HI driver's license. Form not available online. Must be obtained from your driver education provider.
DOT-H 2058
Medical Report
If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you may need to complete and submit this medical exam form to your county driver licensing office to determine your eligibility for a HI driver's license. Must be completed by a physician.

Title & Registration Forms

Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property of the Decedent
Complete this form if you need to transfer ownership of a deceased person's vehicle into your name. Must be notarized.
CS-L (MVR) 5
Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Registration Form Honolulu Co
Submit to the Honolulu Division of Motor Vehicles to request a duplicate vehicle registration.
DMVL 575
Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Registration Form Maui Co
Submit to Maui's Division of Motor Vehicle and Licensing to apply for a replacement car registration.
CS-L (MVR) 10
Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Form Honolulu Co
Apply for a replacement car title with the Honolulu DMV.
Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Form Maui Co
Request a duplicate vehicle title from the Maui DMVL.
Application for Replacement License Plates and/or Emblem Form Maui Co
Request replacement Hawaii license plates AND/OR emblems from the Maui Division of Motor Vehicle and Licensing.
CS-L (MVR) 27
Out-Of-State Vehicle Permit Application Honolulu Co
Submit this form if you're temporarily in Honolulu and need to drive your vehicle but won't be in Hawaii long enough to need a HI car registration.
CS-L(MVR) 199
Vehicle Arrival Certification
When registering your car with the Honolulu DMV, submit this form if you don't have the shipping receipt or bill of lading for the vehicle you brought into Hawaii from out-of-state (if applicable).

Buying & Selling Forms

CS-L(SS) 47
Bicycle/Moped Bill of Sale Form Honolulu Co
Use this form as a proof of purchase when transferring ownership of a bicycle or moped in Honolulu.

Ticket & Violations Forms

Application for Ignition Interlock Permit Form Honolulu Co
Submit to the Hawaii Administrative Driver's License Revocation Office to request an amendment to your ignition interlock permit.
Request for Administrative Hearing
Request an administrative hearing if you want to contest a traffic ticket or conviction in court.
Form 41
Request for Continuance/Notice of Continued Administrative Hearing
Request a continuance (delay) in an administrative hearing you're involved in.

Insurance Forms

Suspected Fraudulent Claim Referral
Insurance companies use this form to report suspected insurance fraud to the HI Insurance Fraud Investigation Branch.

Commercial Forms

DOT 4-764
Application for Commercial Drivers License
Application for an original, renewed, duplicate, reinstated, OR upgraded Hawaii commercial driver's license. Can also be used to add an endorsement OR apply for a commercial instruction permit.
Medical Examiners Certificate
Certain types of Hawaii commercial drivers must complete and carry this medical examiner's certificate. Must be completed by a doctor.

Military Forms

CS-L (MVR) 50
Hawaii Resident Certificate Form Honolulu Co
Submit this form for exemption from Honolulu's registration motor vehicle weight tax. You must be a Hawaii resident who's a military member on active duty OR a member of the National Guard and Reserve to qualify. Form not available online. Must be obtained from your military personnel office or military unit.
CS-L (MVR) 65
Military Resident
If you're an active member of the military AND a Honolulu resident, use this form to request to register your car in Honolulu if it's currently located outside Hawaii.

Disability Forms

PA 3
Person With a Disability Parking Permit Application
Apply for a HI disability parking permit by submitting this completed form to your county's motor vehicle agency. Must be completed by a doctor.

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