Driving Records in Hawaii

To order your official HI driving record from the Hawaii DOT:

  • By mail by sending the driver history request form to your local district court.
  • In person by visiting your local district court with the driver history request.

For further details, including the request form you need, keep reading below!

Driving Records in Hawaii

Your driving record can greatly affect your car insurance premiums, and it can even factor into your job search. That's why it's a good idea to know what exactly is in your driving history.

By monitoring your driving record you can:

  • Track your traffic violations.
  • Verify that all information is correct.
  • Monitor for possible ID theft.

About Your HI Driving Record

A HI driving record is essentially a snapshot of your driving history in the state, showing information such as traffic violations, accidents, etc.

The information you'll see will vary according to the type of record you request (see “Types of Driving Records in Hawaii" below).

Your method of ordering will also change based on the type of record that you order (see below for more information).

Who Sees Your Driving Record?

You can order your own record, or an employer or insurance company may request your record.

  • Car insurance companies – Traffic abstracts help car insurance providers determine your premium.
  • Employers – Abstracts can be used to review the driving history of potential or current employees who need to drive on the job.

Types of Driving Records in Hawaii

In Hawaii, several driving record types are available to order, including:

  • Driver history records.
  • Certified traffic abstracts.
  • Traffic court reports (complete abstracts).

Driving History Records

Your driving history record will contain information from the past 3 years, including:

  • Your name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Mailing address.
  • Driver's license status.
  • Traffic violations.
  • Accidents.
  • Failures to appear.
  • Suspensions and revocations of your driver's license, including active suspensions and revocations.

Traffic Abstracts

In Hawaii, you may order less detailed driving records called traffic abstracts.

Traffic abstracts contain the following information:

  • All alleged moving violations.
  • Any moving violation convictions.
  • Any driver's license revocations.

Traffic abstracts are mainly viewed by insurance companies and employers.

Traffic Court Reports

A traffic court report, also referred to as a complete abstract, contains all the information on a traffic abstract plus equipment and parking citations.

Ordering a HI Driver History Report

You can order a copy of your Hawaii driving record:

  • In person.
  • By mail.

In Person

To request your DHR in person, visit any HI district court with:

  • A completed Request for Hawaii Driver History Record (Form DOTH 2067).
  • Proof of identification, which could include:
    • Valid driver's license.
    • State ID card.
    • Passport.
    • Military ID card.
  • Payment for the $9 fee.

By Mail

To request a Hawaii DHR by mail:

  • Complete the Request for Hawaii Driver History Record (form DOTH 2067).
  • Have your form notarized for identification purposes.
  • Attach at self-addressed envelope (must be legal-sized).
  • Mail your request to any district court.
  • Send a cashier's check or money made payable to “District Court" for the $9 fee.

You'll receive your record in the mail within 10 days.

Employer Requests for Driving Records

Employers defined as “motor carriers" have the right to request a driver history report of a potential or current employee.

Motor carriers include those who own vehicles for or engage in the transport of people or property by vehicles on public highways for commercial, industrial, or educational purposes.

These employers have two options when requesting a DHR:

Ordering HI Traffic Abstracts

You may order your traffic abstract:

  • In person.
  • By mail.

In Person

To order your abstract in person:

  • Visit any HI district court.
  • Be prepared to provide:
    • Your name.
    • Your date of birth.
    • Your driver's license number.
  • Pay the $20 fee.

By Mail

You may also request traffic abstracts by mail to any HI district court. You will need to send in:

  • Documentation of your:
    • Full name.
    • Date of birth.
    • Driver's license number.
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • A money order or cashiers check payable to “District Court" for the $20 fee.

Ordering Another Driver's Abstract

You can order the driving abstract of another driver in person by:

  • Visiting a HI district court.
  • Providing the driver's full name.
  • Paying the $20 fee for each driving abstract.

You may also request another driver's traffic abstracts by mail to any HI district court. You will need to send in:

  • The driver's full name.
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • A money order or cashiers check payable to “District Court" for the $20 fee.

NOTE: You will need a release form to request a juvenile's abstract.

NOTE: It is also helpful to provide the driver's:

  • Date of birth.
  • Driver's license number.

If you only have the driver's name, you may have to purchase multiple traffic/driving abstracts if there are multiple people with the same name.

Ordering a Traffic Court Report

You must order a traffic court report in person by:

NOTE: You may only order your own traffic court report.

Traffic court reports cost:

  • $1 for the first page.
  • $0.50 for each additional page.

Correcting Errors on Your Driving Record

If you have any questions regarding your Hawaii driving record you can contact the Hawaii Department of Transportation:

If you have any concerns involving any conviction that appears on your driving record contact a district court.

Contact your county driver licensing office for questions involving driver's license:


DOTH 2067
Request for Hawaii Driver History Record
Submit this form to request your own Hawaii driving history record OR that of someone else for lawful purposes.
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