Dealer-related Information in Hawaii

Dealer License Application Deadline

Those intending to do business in the state of Hawaii as an automotive dealer need to hold a license. Once an application is in the works, the applicant has a grand total of two years to submit all of the necessary documents.

When an applicant fails to comply with the specified deadline, then the Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board, in most cases, will toss it to the wayside. Once the application is "abandoned and destroyed," the only recourse an applicant has is to reapply.

Other License Types

Automobile dealers are not the only people in the business that are required to hold a license. Those involved in the selling, manufacturing, auctioning, and distributing of motor vehicles also need to carry a document certifying that they are licensed to do business in the state of Hawaii.

Salesperson License

If your personality type rings of extrovert and you have uncanny powers of persuasion, you may want to consider going into car sales. Not only can the profession spring lucrative monetary rewards, but you may get to hobnob around town in a fancy demo car.

People love driving, so you will always have customers. But if this is your career calling, there are just a few hoops you will need to jump through before you hit the sales floor.

These steps go above and beyond the interviewing process and any training you might undergo with a prospective employer. In fact, you must apply and ultimately obtain a license with the state. Acquiring certification to sell vehicles in Hawaii is a pretty simple process that only really involves completing a Motor Vehicle Salesperson application and a paying a fee.

Manufacturer and Distributor License

In Hawaii, if you are applying for a manufacturer and distributor license, you are more likely to be a distributor―behemoth auto-manufacturing plants are nowhere to be seen on the islands. But even a company that builds parts of any type for vehicles needs to go through the same application process. Either way, you will need a license issued from the state to do business on the islands. This will entail:

  1. Completing the main application form.
  2. Registering any trade name with the Business Registration Division.
  3. Providing a financial statement.
  4. Supplying a franchise agreement, if applicable.

Hawaii Motor Vehicle Industry Statutes

If you don't mind reading legalese, these resources can enlighten you about all the legal ins and outs of being a car dealer:

DMV.ORG BBB Business Review