Applying for Special Plates in Hawaii

SUMMARY: Apply for a Hawaii Specialty License Plate

The process for applying for special plates in Hawaii differs by county. To renew your plates, you'll renew your vehicle registration. Contact your county office to learn how to replace your special plates or transfer them. Fees for specialty plates include an initial fee and annual renewal fees.

In Hawaii, special plates and organization plates are available for you to order. The application process is handled by your county's motor vehicles office.


Applying for Special Plates in Hawaii

To order special or personalized plates in one of the following counties, you must apply in person at your county's motor vehicle office:

  • Maui.
  • Kauai.
  • Hawaii.

Residents of Honolulu County should see the instructions below.

Honolulu's Online Special Plate Order Program

Honolulu county residents can order personalized plates online by visiting the Honolulu county website.

You can use the online ordering program IF you have an e-mail address AND you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Your car is currently registered in the City and County of Honolulu.
  • You are buying a special plate as a gift for someone whose car is currently registered in Honolulu.

NOTE: If you are a Hawaii resident whose car is registered in another county, you can use the online ordering program to check the availability of your desired plate. However, you will NOT have the option to reserve a plate or complete an order online.

Organization Plates/Decal(s)

Procedures for ordering organization plates/decals vary by county. You should expect to complete an application, pay a fee, and pay any applicable registration or registration renewal fees.

In Honolulu, for example, you can apply for organization plates/decals by:

Contact your local motor vehicle office to learn how you can obtain an organization plate in your county.

Renewing Special Plates in HI

Your HI special license plate is renewed as part of your car's registration renewal. In addition to your regular registration renewal fees, you will have to pay a $25 annual special plate renewal fee.

To learn more, visit our guide to registration renewal in Hawaii.

Replacing HI Specialty Plates

Procedures for replacing lost, stolen, or damaged special license plates vary by county.

For Honolulu and Hawaii counties, see below.

All other counties: Contact your county office to learn how to replace your specialty license plates.

County of Hawaii

To replace your special plate in Hawaii County, visit a motor vehicle office with the following:

  • A completed and signed:
  • Your current registration.
  • Any remaining plates you might have.
  • Payment for:
    • $20 replacement fee.
    • $5.50 regular plate fee.
      • You will have to display regular plates while your special plates are being made. Your special plates should arrive within 90 days.

Replacing Organization Plates or Decals in Honolulu

To replace your organization plates or decals, visit a full-service Satellite City Hall with:

Transferring Specialty Plates

If you buy a new vehicle, you may be able to transfer your special plates to your new car.

The process for transferring special plates to another vehicle will vary by county. However, you should plan to have your current registration, the registration for the new vehicle, and payment for your transfer fee.

For example, in Honolulu County, you can transfer organization plates or decals by:

  • Visiting a Satellite City Hall.
  • Providing registration for the vehicle on which you currently have the special plate.
  • Registration for the vehicle onto which you are transferring the plate.
  • Payment for the plate transfer fee.
    • Contact the DMV for questions about applicable fees.

Contact your county's motor vehicle office to learn how you can transfer your special plate in your county.

HI Special Plate Fees

Fees for special plates in Hawaii may vary by county. Please check with the local DMV in your county of residence for the current fees for special plates.

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