Getting a Lease

Do your homework when getting a lease. Find information on leasing terms, contracts, mileage, and more.

In This Section
  • Car Lease Payment Factors

    There are many elements that go into your monthly car lease payments. We explain what the factors that dictate how much you pay for your leased car.

  • Negotiating a Vehicle Lease

    Just like buying a car, you can negotiate the price and terms of your vehicle lease. This guide can help you negotiate your lease like a pro.

  • Lease Down Payments

    Down payments can be a good idea when leasing a car, even if they’re not required. Learn more about vehicle lease down payments.

  • Leasing a Car with Bad Credit

    If you have poor credit, consider leasing a vehicle instead of buying. Here are pros and cons of leasing a car with bad credit, and tips to get the best deal.

  • Leasing a Car After Bankruptcy

    If you are thinking about leasing a car or ending a lease after bankruptcy, it’s important to know your options and the risks involved.

  • Leasing a Car Online

    If you choose, you can lease a car online without ever leaving your house. Here are the details you need on leasing a vehicle online.

  • Car Lease Contracts

    Before you sign a car lease contract, you should know and understand the basic details included in all car leases, no matter how long the contract will last or how much you’ll be paying.

  • Car Lease Mileage

    Car leases have different mileage options you can negotiate. Here are some examples of lease mileage options to best fit your driving and financial needs.

  • Car Lease Penalties

    Breaking a car lease can carry some harsh penalties. Here are some consequences for and alternatives to early lease termination.

  • Early Car Lease Termination

    Here you’ll find a breakdown of what early lease termination means and how you can avoid costly penalties.

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