Salvaged Vehicles in Georgia

When you end up with a salvaged car, either you or your insurance company must apply for a salvage title with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR). After that, if you plan to keep or sell your vehicle—for purposes of driving it on GA roads—you must apply for a rebuilt title.

What Is a Salvaged Car in GA?

In Georgia, your car is considered a salvaged car if your:

  • Vehicle is damaged (sometimes referred to as “dismantled”) to the point that making it operable again will require replacing at least 2 component parts. Component parts include the:
    • Front clip assembly (including the hood, fender, and bumper).
    • Rear clip assembly (including the quarter panels, floor panel, and roof assembly).
    • Engine and transmission.
    • Frame.
    • Vehicle’s complete side (including the quarter panel, doors, and fenders).
  • Insurance company paid a total loss claim and the vehicle remains unrepaired.
  • Vehicle currently has an out-of-state title branded “salvage,” “total loss,” “flood,” “water,” or “fire.”

Note that you CANNOT legally operate a salvaged car on Georgia roads until:

  • You apply for a salvage title.
  • The vehicle has been rebuilt to an operable condition.
    • It must also pass an inspection—see “Vehicle Inspection” below for details.
  • You apply for a rebuilt title.

Scrapped or Demolished Vehicles

Typically, you can apply for a Georgia salvage title and even a rebuilt title if a vehicle is salvaged or dismantled.

However, scrapped or demolished vehicles (for example, those so destroyed it makes more sense to send them to the junkyard) generally get a title marked “Parts” and you can’t repair or legally operate those vehicles.

The process involves submitting:

  • Your properly assigned title.
  • Specific vehicle information including the:
    • Make, model, and year.
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN).
    • Title number.
  • The vehicle’s license plate.

For more information, refer to the state’s section on scrapped and demolished vehicles.

How to Get a GA Salvaged Title

If you are keeping your salvage car after a total loss settlement, application for a Georgia salvage title must be submitted within 30 days of the settlement. Your car insurance company is responsible for most of the application process; however, you must provide your insurance company with:

If your insurance company keeps the car, provide them with the original title properly assigned to the company.

How to apply for a GA Rebuilt Title

To get your salvage vehicle back on Georgia roads, you will have to go through the rebuilding process.

The state generally only allows licensed rebuilders to apply for a rebuilt title. Contact the DOR for information on any exceptions.

Salvage Vehicle Inspection in Georgia

The application process for a rebuilt title revolves around a car inspection. Your car must pass a rebuilt car inspection by an approved private inspector or a state inspector*. The licensed rebuilder is likely to take care of most of this process for you by submitting the following to an inspector:

  • A completed and signed:
  • Pictures of the salvaged vehicle before repairs.
  • Receipts for all parts used to repair the vehicle. Receipts must show:
    • The parts’ names and stock numbers.
    • The name of the owner or rebuilder who purchased the parts.
    • The vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle(s) to which each part originally belonged.
      • The vehicle must have a title on file. If the parts came from another state, provide a letter of certification.
  • A copy of the rebuilder’s license, if applicable.
  • Payment to the private inspector; fees vary by location. A state inspection is free.

Once your vehicle passes inspection, submit to the DOR:

  • All of the above paperwork.
  • The inspector’s report.
  • Payment for the:
    • $100 state inspection fee (this is separate from the fee paid to the inspector itself).
    • $18 title fee.

Mail the above to:

DOR/Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: Salvage Unit
P.O. Box 740384
Atlanta, GA 30374

*NOTE: The Request for an Inspection of a Rebuilt Motor Vehicle (Form T-22R) offers the option to request an inspection directly from Georgia. This is a much longer process (by several weeks) but also saves you from paying the separate fee to a private inspector. Refer to the application and contact the DOR for more information.

Out-of-State Rebranded or Rebuilt Titles

If your out-of-state title is already marked as “Rebuilt” or “Restored” (i.e., the vehicle is no longer damaged), you STILL need to complete the application process for a rebuilt GA title but you DON’T have to provide:


Motor Vehicle Title/Tag Application
Application to title AND register your car with the Georgia MVD.
Request for an Inspection of a Rebuilt Motor Vehicle
Submit this form to the GA MVD to have a rebuilt vehicle inspected as part of getting it titled.
Report of and/or Surrender of Georgia License Plate
Submit this form to give up your GA license plate number if your car has been repossessed, salvaged, abandoned, or taken by court order.
Labor and Parts Certification
Submit this form to the GA Motor Vehicle Division when transferring the title of a rebuilt or restored vehicle.
Application for an Original or Replacement
Submit this form to apply for OR replace a salvage title with the MVD. Valid for Georgia salvage titles ONLY.
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