Traffic Safety Laws in Georgia

GA Helmet/Safety Laws


Wearing a helmet is mandatory in Georgia.


  • All riders under 16 years old must wear a helmet.
  • When transporting children 1 year old and under, you must securely seat them in a child passenger bicycle seat, or a bicycle trailer, or an infant sling.
  • When riding at night, your bike must be equipped with a white light that's visible from 300 feet away.
  • You cannot carry any package that prevents you from having at least 1 hand on the handlebars.

Electronic Devices and Texting

The Hands-Free Georgia Act prohibits drivers from operating a wireless communication device or stand-alone electronic device while driving. Drivers may only use voice commands on speakerphone or an earpiece device such as Bluetooth.

All drivers under 18 years old years old are banned from using a wireless communication device or stand-alone electronic device, even with a hands-free device.

School bus drivers cannot use an electronic device while loading and unloading passengers, nor while the bus is in motion.

All drivers, regardless of age, are banned from texting while behind the wheel. Sending messages while behind the wheel is primary law violation. This means that law enforcement can pull you over if you are texting and driving.

Headlight Laws

Headlights must be on  30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. Headlights must also be on when it is raining and when visibility is reduced to under 500 feet.

Reporting Drunk/Unsafe Drivers

Dial 911 if you notice a driver behaving erratically behind the wheel. When you call, be ready to provide a car description, license plate number, and the direction of the vehicle.

Unattended Kids and Pets


If you suspect an unattended child is in trouble, dial 911 and remain at the car until authorities arrive.


There are no laws against leaving an unattended pet inside a vehicle. If you suspect a pet may be in danger, dial 911 and remain with vehicle in question until help arrives.

Child Car Seat Laws

  • Children under 6 years old must ride in an approved safety seat or booster that is suited for their height and weight.
  • Children 6 years old and under must ride in the back seat. If the back seat is occupied by other passengers your child may ride in the front seat, provided he or she is secured in a booster or child safety seat.
  • Children over 6 years old must wear a seat belt.
  • Any child over 4 ft 9 in  and more than 40 lbs may use a seat belt in lieu of a booster seat.
  • Kids not requiring child seats may ride in front, provided he or she is older than 6 years old.
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