Registration Renewal in Georgia

Renew Georgia Vehicle Registration

To renew your vehicle registration with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) every year :

  • Go online to the GA DOR website, enter your renewal info, and pay the registration fee.
  • Mail your completed notice, insurance requirements, emissions papers, and fee to the DOR MVD.
  • Visit your local tag office with your vehicle registration notice and documents.

Please see below for more details.

If you need to check the status of your registration renewal, please contact the GA DMV.

Registration Renewal Cycles

There are three types of registration renewal periods in the state, which vary depending on the county in which you register your vehicle.

Year-Round Registration

  • Car or truck―In most counties, but not all (see below), if you own a passenger car, truck, or motorcycle, you will have 30 days to renew your registration by your birthday.
  • For business-owned or -leased vehicles, the registration period depends on the first alphabet letter of the business name that appears on the registration:

4 Month Non-Staggered Registration

The following counties have a 4 month, non-staggered registration period, allowing registration for individuals and businesses between January 1st to April 30th only: Calhoun, Clay, Randolph, Stewart and Turner.

4 Month Staggered Registration (Talbot County Only)

If you live in Talbot County and need to renew your tags, the county offers four registration periods, with your registration period dependent on your birth month:

  • Birth month of January, February, or March―renew January 1st to 31st
  • Birth month of April, May, or June―renew February 1st to 28th
  • Birth month of July, August, or September―renew March 1st to 31st
  • Birth month of October, November, or December―renew April 1st to 30th

Company-Owned Vehicles in Talbot County

For Talbot County businesses, the county provides four registration periods, which are dependent on the first letter of the name listed on the registration:

Receiving Your Renewal Notice

Depending on your county, you may receive a renewal notice several weeks prior to your birthday, indicating:

  • Your registration's expiration date
  • Renewal fee
  • Emissions inspection information, if applicable
  • Your online Renewal Identification Number (RIN), if you live in a county that allows online renewals

Didn't Get a Renewal Notice?

Even if you don't receive a renewal notice, you still must register by the deadline or risk being penalized. If you did not receive one, contact your local DOR office.

If you move, be sure to update your new address with the DOR. Otherwise, you risk not receiving future registration renewal notices.

DID YOU KNOW?: Proof of car insurance is REQUIRED when renewing your registration!

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How to Renew Your Georgia Car Registration

Renew Registration in Person

Visit your local DOR tag office with:

  • Either your registration renewal notice or a completed Title/Tag Application (Form MV-1).
    • You can pre-apply online for your renewal, saving you some time and paperwork at the tag office.
  • Your driver's license or GA ID card
  • Proof of passing a smog check, if applicable
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • Cash, check, or money order to cover registration fees (some offices do accept credit cards; call before visiting).

You can also visit a self-serve kiosk if your county participates in the program. This option saves you time in line. The MVD offers a map with participating counties and locations of kiosks near you.

Renew Registration by Mail

To renew your registration by mail, send in the following:

Mail documents and payment to:

  • Motor Vehicle Division
  • 4125 Welcome All Road
  • Atlanta, GA 30374

Renew Online

To renew your Georgia registration online, visit the state's online renewal system and enter the requested information. You'll likely need your:

  • License plate or vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Verification of identity (driver's license or letter ID).

Your new registration will arrive in the mail.

Registration Renewal Fees

Expect to pay two types of fees when renewing:

  • A Tag Fee is based on the type of vehicle you own (e.g. passenger car or truck, heavy truck, commercial vehicle, etc.).
  • Ad valorem tax is based on your vehicle's value, which is a combination of the vehicle's wholesale and market values.

Expect to pay more if you own specialized license plates.

Late Fees and Penalties

If you're late in renewing your registration, you will be saddled with the following late fees in addition to the standard renewal fees:

  • A 10% ad valorem tax due based on your vehicle's value
  • 25% of the tag fees

Georgia Tax Deduction

According to Chapter 22 of Publication 17, the IRS allows you to deduct the ad valorem tax (vehicle value) off your income taxes. This is the portion that's based on your car's value.

Georgia Emissions Inspection

Depending on your county, your vehicle may need to pass a smog check before it can be registered. If in doubt, check your registration renewal notice or contact your county Tag Office.

Visit our Emissions Inspection Section for more information on testing requirements and procedures.

Liability insurance Coverage

In order to renew your registration tags, your vehicle must be covered under the state's minimum requirements for liability insurance. In fact, if you allow your insurance coverage to lapse at any time, the state will suspend your registration until proof of coverage is provided.

Don't risk having your registration revoked. Check out our Georgia insurance section for more information on state minimums and providers.

Replacement Registration Certificates, Stickers, and License Plates

If your registration certificate or tag stickers get damaged or stolen, you need to get replacements immediately. The same holds true for license plates.

Georgia Registration Renewal: FAQs

What do I need to renew my tag in Georgia?

To renew your Georgia tag, you'll need your driver's license number and license plate number or VIN, proof of valid car insurance and emissions test (if applicable), and payment for your renewal fees and applicable taxes.

Can I renew my Georgia registration online?

You can renew your Georgia registration online using the Georgia DRIVES online portal.

How much is car registration in Georgia?

Car registration costs in Georgia are a combination of a standard $20 plate renewal fee plus taxes assessed based on your individual vehicle.


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