Other Vehicle Registrations in Georgia

Summary: How to Register Your Special Vehicle in Georgia

Vehicles other than standard cars and trucks still may need titling and registration in the state. These vehicles include trailers, recreational vehicles, custom-built cars, and more. You will typically need your vehicle title, proof of identification, a registration application, and payment for your required fee. Read below for details.

If you own a vehicle other than your standard car or truck, you may still be required by the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) to have it titled and registered in your name. Your requirements will be dependent on the type of vehicle you own.

NOTE: You have 7 days to register your vehicle once you've acquired it. Failure to do so may result in a fine.

Vehicles Exempt from Registration

The Georgia Department of Revenue does NOT require you to register the following vehicles:

  • Mopeds.
  • Motorized carts.
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs).
  • Off-road vehicles.
  • Tractors or motorcycles with 3 wheels used for agricultural purposes only.
  • Trailers weighing less than 3,500 lbs.
    • Must be used only for farming purposes.
  • Farm trailers (without springs) used only to transport farm products to markets, or used to transport fertilizer.

You can view a complete list of vehicles that may or may not require a title depending on the situation.

If you're not a resident of Georgia, you can drive your out-of-state vehicle in the state for up to 30 days without having to register it with the GA Department of Revenue (DOR). However, your vehicle must still be properly registered in another U.S. state.

Vehicles Requiring GA Titles/Registration

The Georgia DOR requires titles for the following vehicles (model 1986 and newer):

Mobile homes (model year 1963 and newer) must also be titled in the state of Georgia.

Homemade Georgia Trailers

Georgia requires that homemade trailers be registered (but not titled). You'll need to complete the following forms:

  • Title/Tag Application (Form MV-1).
    • You do not need to include a vehicle identification number (VIN).
    • Use the year the trailer was built as the model year.
    • Insert "Homemade" as the make of the trailer.
  • Homemade Trailer Affidavit (Form T-23).
    • Your signature must be notarized.

Take your completed forms and payment for the $12 license plate fee (plus any payment for any required ad valorem tax) to the GA Tax Commissioner's tag office in your county.

Once the GA tag office has processed your application, they will issue you a serial plate, or "T" serial plate, which you must affix to your trailer. Once you've done this, you must have a Georgia law enforcement complete the Permission for County Assigned Serial Number Plate - For a Homemade Trailer (Form T-22C), which you will also have received from the GA Tax Commissioner's office.

Return the completed form to your county Tax Commissioner's tag office and you will be issued a license plate and Georgia registration certificate.

RVs and Motorhomes

To register, title, and tag your RV, camper, or motor home, complete a Motor Vehicle Title/Tag Application (Form MV-1) and apply at your local tag office.

When applying, you will need to present the following documents along with the application:

  • The original title, or Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin if the vehicle is new. If you don't have these documents, you will need the registration papers from the previous owner, signed over to you.
  • A completed Certificate of Inspection (Form T-22B).
    • The inspection can be performed by a law enforcement official or tag agent before you apply.
  • The title fee of $18.
    • If you apply for your title late (over 30 days from the date of purchase or acquisition), you will need to pay a penalty of $10.
    • If you are registering during the registration period for that vehicle, you will need to pay the ad valorem tax due at this time.
  • Valid driver's license or picture ID.
  • Proof of insurance. Georgia requires minimum-liability insurance on all motor vehicles.
  • Proof of residency (e.g., utility bill, lease, etc.).

NOTE: A vehicle emissions test is NOT required for recreational vehicles in the state of Georgia.

Mopeds and Scooters in GA

In Georgia, a moped is defined as a a motor-driven cycle with an engine no bigger than 50 cc.

A moped DOES NOT have to be registered.

Motorbikes, scooters, motorcycles, and other motor-driven cycles with engines 51 cc or larger must be registered as motorcycles.

Custom-Built Cars

If you have a custom-built car, follow the instructions on the Georgia Car Registration page. Depending on the age and type of vehicle you have, you may be eligible for an antique license plate. For more information, visit the Georgia MVD website.


Permission for County Assigned Serial Number Plate Homemade Trailer
Request a county-assigned serial number for a homemade trailer from your local tax commissioner's office. Must be obtained in person. Not available online.
Motor Vehicle Title/Tag Application
Application to title AND register your car with the Georgia MVD.
Homemade Trailer Affidavit
Register a homemade trailer with the Georgia MVD. Must be signed by a notary public.
Certificate of Inspection by a Duly Constituted Georgia Law Enforcement Officer
Completed by a Georgia law enforcement officer when a VIN inspection is required for registration, usually for vehicles without titles.
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