Motorcycle Registration in Georgia

In order to ride a motorcycle in Georgia, you will be required to maintain current registration. Our guide will help you with the paperwork and fees you need to get on the road!

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New Georgia Residents

Upon establishing Georgia residency, you'll have 30 days to register your motorcycle* with the state's Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

BEFORE you can begin the registration process you'll need to:

  • Complete an Affidavit of Fact for a Motorcycle or Motor Scooter (Form T-228) and have it notarized.

When you're ready, visit your local county tag office with:

*NOTE: County tag offices in Georgia have varying registration requirements for new residents. Contact your county tag office for exact requirements. 

Registering Your GA Motorcycle

If you've just purchased a new or used motorcycle, you'll need to register it to avoid any traffic citations. The process varies by whether you got your new bike from:

  • A Georgia dealership.
  • A private seller.

Dealer-Bought Motorcycles

If you purchase a new motorcycle, the dealer will give you a free temporary license plate so that you may apply immediately for motorcycle registration with the GA Motor Vehicle Division.

Before your temporary tag expires, submit the following in person or by mail to your local county tag office:

  • Your Georgia motorcycle license or ID.
  • Proof of motorcycle insurance.
  • Payment the $20 base registration fee for motorcycles plus any applicable taxes and fees.

If you need extra time to register, bring a completed Application to Extend Initial Registration Period for a Motor Vehicle Purchased from a Georgia Motor Vehicle Dealer (Form T-226) to your local tag office. You'll also need your:

  • Dealer invoice or bill of sale.
  • Original temporary license plate.

Private Motorcycle Purchases

You'll need to register a privately-purchased vehicle within 7 days of buying it. Once the seller has signed the title over to you, gather the following:

Submit the above either in person or by mail to your local county tag office.

Registration Fees & Taxes

Motorcycles may be subject to the following fees for registration and renewals:

  • Motorcycle registration: $20.
  • Title: $18.
  • Sales tax: Varies by county.
  • Ad valorem tax: Based on the market value of your motorcycle; varies by county.
  • County taxes or surcharges: Varies by county.


Motor Vehicle Title/Tag Application
Application to title AND register your car with the Georgia MVD.
Certificate of Inspection by a Duly Constituted Georgia Law Enforcement Officer
Completed by a Georgia law enforcement officer when a VIN inspection is required for registration, usually for vehicles without titles.
Registration Extension Request Affidavit
Request an extended registration deadline from the MVD if a seller hasn't provided the title to a vehicle you bought.
Affidavit of Fact for a Motorcycle or Motor Scooter
Use this form to verify details about a motorcycle OR motor scooter you're looking to title with the MVD. Must be signed by a GA notary public.
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