DDS Driver Handbook in Georgia

SUMMARY: Georgia Driver's Manual

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) offers quick and easy online access to their driving manuals, including the GA driver's manual, commercial driver's manual, and motorcycle manual. Also available in Georgia is the Vehicle Code, a handbook of state driving laws.

DMV handbooks provide helpful instruction to new drivers as well as serve as road rules and regulations guides. These driver's manuals usually cover traffic laws, safe driving practices, and driver's licensing procedures.

The Georgia DDS offers a driving manual for learner's permits and driver's licenses, as well as DMV manuals for special types of driver's licenses.

Continue reading this page for links to the DMV handbooks and driver's manuals available in Georgia.

Georgia Driver's Manual

The Georgia Driver's Manual (REV 2017) is a guide to help you become a safe driver prior to applying for your GA driver's license. The DMV handbook covers the basic rules and laws that govern driving and driver's licenses in Georgia.

You can access your GA driver handbook as a Digital edition (browse online).

Topics in the driving manual include:

  • Traffic signals.
  • The Georgia written licensing exam.
  • Safety rules and regulations.

You can also visit your local GA DDS office for a printed copy of the driver's handbook.

Not only is the driving manual your source of Georgia driving regulations, it's also the basis for the written test you'll take to get your Georgia learner's permit or driver's license. Studying the DMV handbook is a great way to prepare for the written test.

NOTE: The GA driver's manual is only available in English. However, the Georgia DDS offers the written knowledge test in several languages.

Don't Forget an Online Practice Test!

A perfect complement to studying the GA driver's manual is preparing for the written test with the help of an online practice test. These industry-leading study guides have been designed to help you pass the test on your first attempt. Our certified partner offers online practice tests for most vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles.

Motorcycle Operator Manual in GA

In Georgia, you can read the GA DDS Motorcycle Operator's Manual (REV 2022) to learn all about motorcycle safety and licensing procedures.

The motorcycle driver's handbook covers a range of topics, including what you need to do before you ride, such as:

  • Buying proper gear for riding a motorcycle.
  • How to apply for a motorcycle license.

You'll also find information about:

  • Carrying cargo and passengers.
  • Riding in a group.
  • Handling emergency situations.
  • Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute (SIPDE).

To prepare for the written test you must pass to get a motorcycle license, you can read and study the information in the motorcycle driver's manual. The DMV handbook also has information about the road skills test.

You can take online practice tests to enhance your preparation and ensure you're ready for the Georgia test.

For more information, please visit our page about Motorcycle Licenses in Georgia.

Commercial Driving Manual

If you're applying for a commercial driver's license (CDL) in Georgia, you should read the GA Commercial Driver's Manual (REV 2017). Similar to the standard driver's handbook, you can access your commercial driving manual:

In this comprehensive driver's handbook for commercial vehicles, you'll find information about the following subjects:

  • Transporting cargo safely.
  • CDL disqualifications.
  • Knowledge and skills CDL tests.

Read below for details about CDL test information found in the DMV manual.

Studying the Commercial Driver's Handbook

The DMV handbook is a good resource to help you prepare for CDL tests in Georgia.

The written CDL test asks questions about the material in the driving manual. You can read and study the Georgia driver's handbook to prepare for the tests. CDL practice tests can also help you make sure you're really ready for the test.

In addition to using the DMV manual to prepare you for your written test, you can also use it to get ready for your Georgia CDL driving test.

While you'll need driver training to learn the skills you need for the test, you'll find detailed information about the CDL road test in the commercial driver's manual, including how the driving test is scored.

To learn more about commercial licenses, training, and other topics, please visit our section for Commercial Drivers in Georgia.

Parent/Teen Driving Guide

The GA DDS offers a guide for parents and teenage drivers to supplement online or classroom driver's education programs.

This DMV handbook for parents explains how to safely and effectively supervise your teen's driving and instill safe driving practices. You'll find helpful lesson plans and advice throughout the parents' driving manual.

In addition to the parent's DMV handbook, you may also want to read the Georgia driver's handbook to ensure that you are familiar with the rules and regulations that it covers.

To learn more about how to obtain your first driver's license, visit our Applying for a New Teen License in Georgia page.

Access the Georgia Vehicle Code

You can browse the Georgia Motor Vehicle Code online for information about GA traffic offenses, registration, licensing, and actions against out-of-state drivers.

The Vehicle Code is comprised of the state laws related to motor vehicles, including licensing, registration, and operation. The code has more detail than DMV handbooks or driving manuals.

Georgia's Vehicle Code can be a more helpful resource than a driver's manual if you get a traffic ticket or have a violation.

The code's detailed information can help you understand if you've committed a violation and what kind of punishment you might be facing. Unlike the Georgia driver's handbook, which is designed to teach readers about driving laws, the Vehicle Code is the actual law itself.

For information on what to do if you're charged with a traffic violation, visit our page about Traffic Tickets. If you want to fight a traffic ticket, you may want to consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney.

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