Commercial Driver FAQs in Georgia

How do I become a truck driver in Georgia?

First, get a copy of the Commercial Driver License Manual, which the Georgia Department of Driver Services publishes online, or pick up a copy at your local driver's license office and study it. Then, take the written tests to receive your commercial driver's license (CDL) instructional permit.

Can I go to a truck driving school?

Georgia provides a list of approved truck driving schools. Contact them to determine the best one for your location, budget, and schedule.

What about all the ads I see on television for trucking schools. Are these legit?

Many companies offer their own truck driving schools for training. If you are hired, you must fulfill a specific time period of driving for that company before you can venture out on your own or take a job with another company. Check the state-approved list of schools before signing on with any school.

How old do I have to be to become a Georgia CDL driver?

Drivers 18 to 21 years old can get their CDL, but they are limited to driving only within the state of Georgia. Once they turn 21 years old, they can drive nationwide.

Where do I take the driving test for my CDL?

There are specific locations in the state where you may take your road skills test. Visit the DDS CDL page for information.

Do I need an appointment and my own truck to take the driving test?

Yes. You will need to make an appointment by calling (678) 413-8400. You will also need to furnish your own rig for the test. However, it can be rented or provided by your driving school. You will need to show proof of insurance when you take the test.

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