DMV Appointments in Georgia

Conveniently, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) allows you to make certain appointments ahead of time, meaning less wait time and easier day planning for you.

Even better, the state also offers online services, which can help you accomplish several driver and vehicle-related tasks without ever having to leave home. You can schedule appointments with the GA DOR online.

Types of Georgia DDS Appointments

You can make an appointment for the following types of Department of Driver Services office visits:

Road test for:

  • Class D (standard) license.
  • Motorcycle license.
  • Commercial driver license (CDL).

How to Make an Appointment at the Georgia DDS

Use the DDS web portal to schedule your license appointment online. Visit the following for your license type:

Please note that CDL road tests are only given at the following DDS locations:

  • Albany.
  • Between.
  • Brunswick
  • Cumming.
  • Dalton.
  • Gainesville.
  • Forsyth.
  • Milledgeville.
  • Thomson.
  • Rome.


When scheduling your CDL road skills test, you must pay the $50 road test fee.

If you can not make your appointment or need to reschedule, you must call the Contact Center at least 72 hours before your scheduled visit. Should you fail to notify the DDS ahead of time, you will not be refunded the $50 scheduling fee.

What to Bring to Your DDS Appointment

You can save yourself some time by making sure you have all of the required materials before leaving for your DDS appointment. We have guides that outline exactly what you'll need to bring for the following types of GA Department of Driver Services office visits:

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