Applying for Special Plates in Georgia

SUMMARY: Apply for a Georgia Special License Plate

You can apply for specialty plates in Georgia by visiting your local county Tag Office. Renewing specialty plates is part of your car's registration renewal. If your plates are lost or stolen, you'll file a report with the police before replacing specialty plates. If you sell your car, you can transfer your special plate to your new vehicle. Specialty plate fees vary by plate type.

Georgia's Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) offers several types of special license plates. You can also personalize standard issued plates.


Applying for Specialty Plates in Georgia

To apply for specialty plates in Georgia, you must visit your local county Tag Office.

Before visiting a Tag Office, check the MVD website and click on your desired plate for information requirements you may need to meet before applying for your plate, including:

  • Required application forms.
  • Any special eligibility requirements.
  • Fees.

Special Issue - Apply Thru Sponsor – Issuing Plates

Plates under the category “Special Interest – Apply thru Sponsor – Issuing" require you to take the following steps BEFORE visiting a Tag Office:

  • Contact the sponsoring organization linked with that plate.
  • Pay the applicable fee to that organization.
  • Obtain a receipt.

Once you have obtained the receipt, bring it to your county Tag Office to complete your application.

Personalized Plates

If you wish to apply for personalized or Special Prestige plates in GA, visit your local Tag Office with the following:

NOTE: Personalized plates can ONLY come with a standard background design.

Military Veteran Plates

To apply for one of the many military veteran plates, bring the following to your county Tag Office:

The first set of veteran plates are free. Additional sets will come with a $25 fee plus a $20 annual registration fee.

Renewing Specialty Plates in GA

Your plates will be renewed as part of your registration renewal. You may be required to pay annual fees (varying by plate types) in addition to regular registration renewal fees.

To learn more about renewing your car's registration visit our Registration Renewal in Georgia page.

Replacing GA Specialty Plates

If you need to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged specialty plate, you must submit the following in person at your local Tag Office:

  • Police report (if applicable).
    • File a report with the police if your plates are stolen or lost.
  • Completed Application for Replacement License Plate (Tag) and/or Decal (Form MV-7).
  • Payment for $8 replacement fee.
    • Your plate will be replaced with a standard plate. If you wish to have it replaced with the same specialty plate, or other specialty plate, you will have to pay a one-time manufacturing fee of $35.

Transferring Special Plates in Georgia

If you sell a vehicle with a specialty plate and purchase a new car, you can transfer the specialty plate to the new car within 7 days of your purchase.

In order to qualify for plate transfer, your new car's registration price must equal the registration price of your old car.

To complete your plate transfer, visit your local Tag Office.

GA Specialty Plate Fees

Specialty license plate fees vary depending on the type of plate.

To find specific fee information about a specialty plate, visit the MVD website.


Request for Manufacture of a Special Veteran License Plate
Complete and submit this form to order military veteran license plates from the GA Motor Vehicle Division.
Personal Special Prestige License Plate Application
Order a personalized (vanity) Georgia license plate from the Motor Vehicle Division.
Application for Replacement License Plate (Tag) and/or Decal
Submit this form to the GA Motor Vehicle Division to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged license plate OR disability parking decal.
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