Organ Donation in Florida

How to Become an Organ Donor in Florida

You can give the gift of life by joining Florida's organ donor registry. To register:

  • Go online to register at or the Donate Life Florida website.
  • Register at the FL DHSMV office when you apply for or renew a license.

Every 8 minutes, a person is added to the national organ donation waiting list, which currently adds up to a total of more than 103,000 people. You can learn about more statistics at our Organ Donation Facts page.

As an organ donor, you offer hope to all those who are in need. Someday, you could save multiple lives after you pass away.

How to Register as an Organ Donor in Florida

Even if you already have an organ donor card, you should still sign up on the secure, confidential database of the Joshua Abbott Organ and Tissue Donor Registry.

To register as an organ donor in Florida, you can:

  • Have add you to their national registry database (your registration will follow you to each state you may move to).
  • Complete an online registration form.
    • The registry will ask you to submit personal identifiers, which will later be used to confirm your identification.
    • During this process, you will be able to opt out of donating specific organs or tissues for medical research.
  • Sign up when you apply or renew your driver's license at a local Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles office .
    • Once you complete the process with the FL DHSMV, you will receive a license or state ID card that signifies you are a donor and have joined to the Florida Organ and Tissue Donor Registry.

Be sure to notify your closest friends and family members about your decision to be an organ donor.


  1. If you are unable to register online or through the FL DHSMV, you can contact Donate Life Florida directly and they will mail you a registration form.
  2. If you're between 13 and 17 years old, you may register with the Joshua Abbott Organ and Tissue Donor Registry, but your parents or legal guardians will make the ultimate decision in the event of your passing.
  3. If you just relocated or need to update/check your organ donor status, please visit the website of the Florida Donor Registry. For more information, see “Change/Update Your Organ Donation Status" below.

Change/Update Your Organ Donation Status

Donate Life Florida makes it very easy to update your profile.

If you're already registered with Donate Life Florida, you can visit their website to change or update your records.

After logging into the Donate Life Website, you will be able to determine your own personal level of donation by specifying whether you want to donate certain organs, tissue, or eyes. You can also update your personal information if you have moved or changed your name due to marriage or divorce.

NOTE: You can remove your name from the registry by logging onto the website.

Ways to Support Organ Donation in FL

Registering as an organ donor is absolutely free, and can lead to a better life for someone else.

If you've already registered as an organ donor in Florida, you can support the Donate Life Registry in other ways by:

  • Contributing a tax-deductible monetary donation to help fund education about organ donation.
  • Encouraging your friends and family to sign up themselves. Spread the word!

For more information about organ donation, you can visit all of the following pages:

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