Motorcycle Manual in Florida

SUMMARY: Florida Motorcycle Manual

The motorcycle manual in Florida provides extensive information about motorcycle laws, licenses, and operation. You'll also find helpful details about basic riding courses and the tests required for a motorcycle license.

Read below for more information about the motorcycle manual in Florida.

Introduction to the FL Motorcycle Manual

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Handbook (Form MSCU4401) provides detailed information about motorcycle licensing and operation for FL residents.

The manual includes:

  • Laws related to motorcycle operation.
  • Steps to get a motorcycle license.
  • Safe operation practices.
  • Mandatory rider training.

You can also download the manual in Spanish.

The manual is provided by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

NOTE: For general information about FL traffic laws and driving regulations, see the Florida driver's manual.

Required Motorcycle Safety Course

If you want to ride a motorcycle in Florida, the FL DHSMV requires you to complete a riding skills course as part of the Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP).

Once you've completed the course, you can apply for your FL motorcycle license.

To take the course, you MUST have a valid learner's permit or higher class of license.

NOTE: If you have a motorcycle endorsement OR license from any state EXCEPT Alabama, you DO NOT need to take the basic rider course.

What to Expect

The basic motorcycle course will teach you all about safe motorcycle operation.

The course has two components:

  • A classroom section.
  • A motorcycle riding section.

Motorcycles and helmets are provided, but you must bring other protective gear yourself, such as gloves.

Learn more about your responsibilities and find courses approved by the FL DHSMV in the motorcycle handbook.

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Types of Florida Motorcycle Licenses

The Florida DHSMV offers several licensing options for motorcycles:

  • The motorcycle endorsement, which is added to you FL driver's license.
  • A motorcycle only license, which allows you to operate motorcycles only.

One of these licenses is required to operate a vehicle with 2 or 3 wheels on Florida's roads.

You can also be licensed to operate ONLY motorcycles with sidecars or motorcycles with 3 wheels.

You'll find more information about each type of license in the motorcycle manual.

Tests for a Motorcycle License

You must pass a written knowledge test AND a riding skills test to get a FL motorcycle license.

The written test is based on the information found in the motorcycle manual. You can also take motorcycle license practice tests to help you prepare.

NOTE: If you DO NOT already have a FL driver's license or permit, you'll also need to pass a vision test, road signs test, and any other applicable driving tests.

The required motorcycle training course should help prepare you for the riding skills test.

Stay Safe on Florida Roads

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous if you're not careful. Complete a motorcycle safety course to learn the skills you need to stay safe while riding. Choose your Florida location below to find your closest course provider.

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