Green Driver State Incentives in Florida

To entice residents to go green, Florida offers a slew of green driver incentives. Learn how to save money and time by driving electric vehicles, hybrid cars, and other fuel efficient vehicles.

These eco-friendly perks and laws might evolve as Florida takes bigger strides in protecting our planet. Keep up with the latest by also consulting your local Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles branch and the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

Florida Registration Emissions Testing Exemptions for Fuel Efficient Vehicles

At this time, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles doesn't require smog or emission testing for vehicle registration or registration renewal—regardless of whether you drive an alternative fuel vehicle or some other fuel-efficient car.

High Occupancy (HOV) Lane Exemption for FL Low Emissions and Hybrid Vehicles

Florida offers high occupancy vehicle lane exemptions for inherently low emissions vehicles (ILEVs) and hybrids that are certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Meaning, if you drive an ILEV, you can utilize FL HOV lanes regardless of whether you are driving solo.

To take advantage of this time-saving incentive, you must obtain a Florida HOV Decal for your vehicle. To apply:

If applying by mail, include an additional $.85 to cover postage.

The FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles recommends checking to determine whether your vehicle qualifies. For more information, refer to the FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles page on High Occupancy Vehicle Decals.

Tax Incentives for Green Drivers

Florida doesn't offer many tax incentives for green-minded drivers, unless you are a business dealing with renewal fuels. However, the Internal Revenue Services give vehicle owners a tax break for buying eco-friendly vehicles. Read on for details.

If you have filing questions when it comes to taking advantage of tax incentives—including credits and exemptions—consider consulting a tax professional or your local IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center.

Federal Tax Credits for Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Owners

If you own any of the following vehicles, you might qualify for certain IRS tax credits:

  • Hybrids.
  • Plug-in hybrids.
  • Electric cars.
  • Biodiesel vehicles.
  • Alternative fuel vehicles.

Learn more about federal tax credits at

Rebates for FL Alternative Fuel Vehicle Owners

Currently, Florida offers the following rebates for businesses that own alternative fuel vehicles:

Natural Gas Fuel Fleet Vehicle Rebate

The Natural Gas Fuel Fleet Vehicle Rebateoffered by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services—helps to offset the cost of conversion or the incremental cost it takes to convert, purchase, or lease a natural gas fleet vehicle.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate

Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) offers a rebate for electric vehicle charging stations to businesses that offer EV charging to their customers and employees.

Florida Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Financing

According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, Florida property owners looking to install an EV charging station on their property may seek funding help from their local government. This includes options for entering into a finance agreement.

Auto Insurance Discounts for Eco-Friendly Driving and Green Vehicles

Save money on auto insurance rates with a Florida auto insurance provider that gives insurance discounts for having green driving habits and/or driving a fuel-efficient vehicle. These money-savers include:

  • Hybrid auto discounts.
  • Alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) discounts.
  • Economy car discounts.
  • Low-mileage discounts.
  • Pay as you drive discounts.

Auto insurance discounts can vary by provider and your personal circumstances. With a hybrid or EV you might qualify to receive up to a 10% discount on car insurance. If you also maintain low mileage can earn more discounts.

If your current Florida auto insurance carrier doesn't reward eco-friendly driving, compare auto insurance rates online, and ink a deal with one that does.


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